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Shaving vs. Waxing Facts - Belle La Peau

Let me remind you that some girls love it hairless. I remember in a movie, though I forgot the title. a girl was in a sober state. She does not want to take a bath out of depression. The head of the institute carry her and put her down on a bath tub. All this girl asked, (which made the head of the institute smile) was a razor.

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Belle La Peau

We live in a world where being hairless other than the ones on our head is beautiful. Society has given much ado on being hairless from nose down and being seen with a body full of hair gives the impression as unhygienic. While some of us grew up familiar with a razor, technology and the new era ushers in a better way in removing unsightly hair in our body. Some might view it as plain vanity, but removing unsightly hair in our body simply shows that we care for our overall looks and we value how people sees us.Hair removal is a lifestyle and it shows how you brand yourself.