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Am Rice for Baby

Photo Credits: Pixabay

Am pronunciation is like, "I am". Wondering what's am rice? It's the broth from cooking rice. It's an option if a family cannot buy milk powder or on a budget. A woman told me that it made her baby earn the exact weight. But what benefits will my baby get from? 
1. It treats diarrhea.
2. It helps bring down fever.
3. It fulfills and energizes your baby's needs.

I did not have a chance to breastfeed my baby, so, I gave him formula milk. I used a brand of milk but as the months passed by, he is getting thinner. He is 4 months old but weighs only 5.2 kilos. My ears are getting full by different comments. Good and bad about my baby's weight.

Today, I was surprised when a resident doctor told me that my baby was malnourished. Gosh, it breaks my heart upon hearing this. I thought malnourished babies are those who are thin, skinny with a big tummy. My baby wasn't like that. He's thin but moves and kicks actively.

I am considering to change the brand milk then mix it with Am rice as my baby's infant milk.  Just half of the Am rice on his feeding bottle.

Preparations for am rice:
1. Wash 1 cup rice in a pan or small casserole
2. After washing put 4 - 5 cups of water then let it boil.
3. When boiling, stir until rice broth becomes sticky.
4. Set aside the broth in a feeding bottle or bowl.
5. Let it cool.

I hope my baby will gain weight through this. I know he is ready for weaning because I've  seen the signs.

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