11 Travel Tips to Save Your Vacation

saving tips for your vacation

If you are an avid traveler or even the occasional one, you know that there will always be something that doesn’t go according to plan. We want to make sure that your vacation mishaps don’t escalate so you can have a memorable trip full of positive memories. In this guide, we will give you 11 travel hacks you can use to get the most out of your trip.

1. Switch Your Browser to Incognito Mode when Researching Flights
This will save you big time. Search engines know a lot about you, which means they know when you are interested in booking a flight. Sites can tell when you are a return visitor which allows them to increase their prices. Make sure to search in incognito mode when planning your flights.

2. Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding
This is a great tip for a few reasons. If you fold your clothes, they are less likely to get wrinkled and you’ll save space in your suitcase. In addition, you can move things around more easily and find what you need faster.

3. Pack Light

pack light
It can be tempting to pack everything you could possibly need for your trip or in case a hurricane hits. But more likely than not, you won’t need everything you pack. Also, if you find that you need an extra shirt or clean underwear, you can always run to a laundromat or wash them yourself. You also may buy some souvenir clothes anyway that you could use.

4. Pack a Dryer Sheet
What? I’m not going to do laundry! Pack some of these to stick in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

5. Use House Sharing
Some people are uncomfortable using apps like Airbnb, but you can save a lot of money with house sharing. Plus it automatically introduces you to a local who can give you recommendations for restaurants or activities.

6. Call Your Bank Before You Travel
The worst thing that could happen is to be in a foreign country without any money. Banks do a good job at detecting fraudulent activity and can sometimes put a hold on your card if it looks suspicious. It’s probably a good idea to call your bank and explain that you’ll be traveling.

7. Keep Track of Your Expenses
This is similar to the last point. In some countries, people will put devices on ATMs that can capture your card information to be used to make purchases. You should check your bank balances regularly to make sure all the expenses add up.

8. Cover Shampoo Bottles with Plastic Wrap
Pressure changes in airplanes plus the less than gentle handling of your luggage can cause bottles of shampoo and lotion to open and spill over the contents of your suitcase. To prevent this, put some plastic wrap over the bottle opening and screw the cap back on. Or, use a large ziplock back to hold your bottles.

9. Don’t Trust the Water
In most countries in the world, the water is probably not safe to drink from the tap. If this is the case try to always buy bottled water. If this isn’t an option, boil it, or bring water purification tablets to kill any bacteria.

10. Try a Cruise
Cruises are a great way to travel because they help you meet new people and they allow you to see multiple cities or countries in one trip. They can also be cheaper alternatives since everything is included (food, lodging, transportation) when you book the trip. Plus travel clubs like in Cruises can help you save money on your next trip.

11. Don’t Live Through Your Camera
travel tips

It’s easy to be so caught up with taking pictures for social media, that you don’t really internalize the experience. Try taking a few hours, or even a day of your trip without your phone. This will help you capture a lot of details of the scenery that you would likely miss if you were worried about taking pictures.

This isn’t a full list by any means, but it will save you a lot of trouble if you follow the tips. For more ways to save your vacation, check out these travel hacks. Let us know if you have any more helpful travel ideas!

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