“Fall” In Line: Common House Problems During The Fall Months

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White and Red Wooden House by Scott Webb
The fall is on the horizon, and with the lovely, crisp, leaves scattered around everywhere comes a few problems, especially in your home. These aren't the common water problems related to the tank, but they're all weather dependent, and with the change in temperature, as well as an introduction of rain to the home, comes quite a few problems that you need to get on top of.

Fall Bugs
Have you seen an influx of rodents, flies, and spiders? Because of the change in temperature, these creatures seek warmth, and your home is the perfect place! While you can contact a company like 000 Pest Control to get rid of the pesky critters, there are things you can do as well. Maintaining the outside of your property is crucial. What you can do is, firstly, conduct an inspection through the exterior of the property, especially for specific gaps where rodents could enter. As well as this, exercise some due diligence, and continue to look for problems, even if it's all quiet on the western front. Wasps, for example, nest in sheds or garages.

Drainage Issues
Due to the substantial rainfall during the four months, the gutters take a beating. Fall leaves tend to clog gutters, and then they will overflow, resulting in water spilling down exterior walls, causing a lot of damage, as well as growth in mold. Always clean your gutters, and make sure that you have a sturdy ladder. But if you don't feel comfortable with this can ensure that you contact a professional. Going up a ladder, especially during the fall weather with an abundance of wind and rain isn't always the best idea.

Holes in the Roof
The best thing you can do to offset this is to inspect the roof right now! When the weather gets worse for you won't feel inclined to go up there unless something drastically goes wrong. The best thing you can do is to undertake a thorough inspection during the daylight when the weather is pleasant. As well as this, keep an eye out for potential issues in the attic. A small leak could easily turn into a substantial one. As leaks are one of the most common issues, especially in older properties, it's better to catch it as soon as possible, not just for the sake of your home but your wallet as well.

Navigating Hurricane Season
In many areas on the coast, fall is synonymous with hurricane season. If you have just moved to a property, it's important to safeguard your home against any water damage. Inspect the roof just to check if there are any signs of leakage, but as well as this, ensure that you inspect around the property, especially for leaves or trees that could fall during high winds and cause sufficient damage to the roof or the walls. As well as this, use spray foam insulation to seal any holes in exterior walls.

As the fall months are coming, it is time to “fall” in line and prepare your home.

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