Most Common Types of Hot Water Repair

hot water system bursting
Hot Water System Bursting

Water heaters are seen in almost every house today. Most homes these days have tank water heaters that can hold 50 to 80 gallons of water at a time. They are usually quite reliable but at times, they can also go awry and may need hot water repair. It is important at those times to observe the parts carefully so that the problem can be addressed.

However, before any inspection, it is important to ensure that the power or gas supply to the device is cut off so that there is sufficient safety while working on it. You will have to disconnect the heater from any electrical supply. Remember your safety comes first and so you also hire a professional to do the work.

Take a look at some of the most common types of hot water repairs that can be encountered at any home.

There Is No Supply Of Hot Water 
If a water heater is unable to do its job, then hot water repair may be needed for it. For a device that works on electricity, the main problem areas can be related to its heating elements or the thermostat. Similarly, in the case of a gas water heater, the issue can be related to the gas control valve, pilot or the thermocouple. Inspecting these components of the appliance can be helpful to identify the exact area of the problem and then a suitable remedial measure can be taken.

Not Enough Supply Of Hot Water
If a water heater starts giving hot water but the time it takes is longer than the usual, then the water it loses its steam. Hence, not enough hot water can be delivered by it for a purpose that can also be a reason for hot water repair. This type of problem can happen due to a damaged dip tube that provides cold water to the appliance, sediment deposition in the tank or faulty temperature setting. In the case of electric heaters, the heating elements may also be responsible for the fault.

hot water heater
Hot Water Heater

Foul-Smelling Or Rusty Water
A hot water repair may also be needed in case of foul-smelling or rusty water being supplied by a water heater. In such a case, dirty or discolored water can flow through the tap that can practically be of no use in a home. A build-up of bacteria or corrosion of pipe within the tank can be a few reasons for this type of occurrence. Physical verification of the tank and pipelines can help identify the issue.

Unusual Noises From The Appliance
Low rumbling noise in a water heater can be the cause of a hot water repair. In this case, sediment deposition in the tank can be responsible for overheating of water so that the water starts boiling and emitting that sound. One can examine the problem or get in touch with a technician for repairing.

Water Leakage From The Base Of A Heater
Water leakage from the base of a heater can be due to many reasons. If there is a fault in an adjoining plumbing connection or some problem with the temperature and pressure relief valve, then this type of issue can be encountered, and a hot water repair may have to be carried out. This calls for emergency plumbing services. Even a tank leak from the base can occur. If that happens, there is no way to address the problem other than replacing it.

hot water repair
Hot Water Repair

These are some of the most common water heater issues that people face from time to time and proper identification of the same can help solve a problem. Some of them can be addressed by users itself whereas others may have to be dealt with by a professional plumber.

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