Carla Elektra with Her New Debut Single Entitled Feel Good

Techno music is usually diverse from those who value the other form of popular music.

Carla Elektra
Carla Elektra is an International singer, DJ, actress and model 
According to Suade Bergemann,
"If you hear a piece of good techno music, and finds that you don't appreciate it. If you hear a piece of good techno music and finds it unappealing, probably it has something to do with how you listen and your expectations regarding musical value. It takes time to become familiar with listening and be able to make judgments about its musical qualities. It differs from other popular music."

There are a lot of types to mention for techno music. The parent genre of techno music is four. These are house music, disco, electronic dance music, and industrial music. One of these artists is the multi-performer and electrifying Carla Elektra.
feel good song cover
A compilation of FEEL GOOD Song Cover

Carla Elektra was born in Curitiba, Brazil. At a young age, she works as a model and actress. Then, she discovers her love for music at the age of 18. As a DJ she makes a stunning turn-around with her Brazilian afro-roots, funk, breaks, and disco in her live sets. These make her a trailblazing radio and poolside specialist.

Carla Elektra has released her debut single entitled FEEL GOOD. It was produced by Daniel Siqueira, published by WinterKill Music (BMI) under the label of Miami2Vegas.

The song track "FEEL GOOD" is an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) with a combination of Techno. It makes you feel good, amazing, and sexy. For a layman's term, the song tells you to feel good on yourself, in whatever you do and where ever you go. Do what makes you happy. Create a life full of colors, glitters, and gold.

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