The Remix Album of Ricardo del Rio

Music is the voice of your emotion and enthusiasm, as you eagerly express it through music. The power of  music lifts a persons spirit through its attraction and power. According to Keith Richards,
Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.
I agree to that saying because it makes me glide and move around while listening to the tempo. Actually, I'm listening to Ricardo del Rio's single For Here (South Beach Remix) featuring Elan Noelle and Omar Jefferson. Did I hear a beating? I love it! It makes me sway to the beat.

Ricardo del Rio comes from Italy. A well-traveled artist who started out as a vinyl records DJ. But, playing live percussion interests him and he studied it. Also, he's a producer and performed live in NYC, South Beach Miami, Italy, London, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Spain. He enjoys playing with the group of DJ's and percussionist performers. He spearheads the movement of  Are You Afro (Afro Island House Music Contemporary) and the Winter Music Conference in Miami South Beach. His influencers include great drummers and percussionists like Hans Cruz (Dominican Republic), Ramses Araia (Costa Rica), Shranks Putwain (London).

The Remix Album is his debut EP record. Released in 2018 and filled with songs he supervised and remixed. It has a genre of EDM, House, Electro, and Alternative songs. Below are the track lists recorded in the album:

  1. Tonic Man Light Rays (Intro)
  2. For Her (South Beach Remix) feat. Elan Noelle & Omar Jefferson
  3. Backpacks Kicks and Outer Space Kids feat. Trenched
  4. Booty Poppin' (Smash Remix) feat. Spank Master Boogie
  5. For Her (Electro Version)
  6. High Resolution (Miami2Vegas Fashion Show Mix) feat. Hip Hop Maniac 
  7. Bere Vino (Italian Funk Mix)
  8. Ann Reader Electro Dub Outro

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