How I Celebrate My Birthday?


October is my birthday month. I am a certified Libra! 

Last year, I did not think of celebrating because my budget is not enough. I only light a candle and pray. But, my little brother who came to visit us bought the cake, ice cream, and fried chicken. 
Two weeks ago, I splurge for myself and my family's needs. And this is how I celebrate:

Hair and Body Pampering
This is the bed where I'm going to have a massage. My phone that time signaled for low battery that is why it's pinkish.
I always love pampering especially a body massage to pinch a little of that aching muscles. After all, it makes me feel light and breezy. You'll have a good night's sleep then. With the gift certificate on hand, I drop by at Dermcare Philippines for the service. My first choice was a body massage with a steam. Unfortunately, they don't have it in SM San Jose branch. So, the staff suggests a whole body massage and a hot oil treatment for my hair. My hair is dry, curly and frizzy. 

It's me after the hot oil treatment
I bought these products in Watson's SM San Jose branch. They offer some of their products for Buy 1 Take 1 and discount prices. Another one is the healthy finds at SM Supermarket. Also, I bought cookies, Goldilocks polvoron and Jollibee Spaghetti, my son's favorite. But, I wasn't able to take photos of it. 

Watson's Shopping Haul

SM Supermarket Haul
For my birthday
I light a little candle and offer a prayer of thanks for all the blessings and for giving me another year of life. I only bought a 1.5 ml ice cream, pork chop and fried chicken that are enough for the three of us. My natal day is a school day. So, we have no plans to go out in the mall. 

This is how I celebrate my birthday. A little indulgence for myself that happens once in a blue moon. It is different now that I have a child. Priority always comes first.

How about you, how do you celebrate your birthday?

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