Believe It or Not! My Real Halloween Short Stories

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I know it's late for the Halloween. But, I'd like to share these short stories that happened in my life almost 40 years ago. These happened in different stages of my life. This is my real, my Halloween tell-tale short stories. It's up to you if you believe it or not.
Story I - Is it a Kapre?

What is a Kapre? According to Beast and Myth's website, it is 8 feet tall with a mixture of human and ape. It has a black and brown hair.

Perhaps, I'm 5 years old at that time. I remember my little brother was a baby or maybe a few months old. The location or lot where we had lived was owned by my Grandma. It was grassy with a lot of trees such as coconuts, bamboos, and Nipa (palm trees that will grow on the side of the river).

It was night time when a distant neighbor shout for help. She was the mom who shouted, "Tabang! Tabang akong anak" (Help! Help! My child). It is a Cebuano dialect. We were alarmed. We can hear shouts of the child and a strange sound like raar. My father has decided to check what was going on. Before he goes, my father told us to keep quiet even if we see something strange.He warned us not to shout. Just keep quiet.

My mother checked the doors and locked it. She also closed the windows except for one in my parent's room. It is facing the highway. Mom urged me to go to sleep, though. I kept my eye on the open window. I can't sleep, I keep on watching the window until I saw someone walking on the street. I whispered and told my mom that I saw someone walking. We can hear him say, "ak, ak". The sound is strong and angry. Even if it's too dark, I can see his large-build body and his red eyes. It is too dark to say that he has black hair around his body. My mom said, go back to sleep. I went back to my makeshift bed on the floor and prayed hard to keep us safe.

Early morning, my father came home. He told us the story. He said it was a Kapre. The child was walking towards their home with a torch. Suddenly, when he passed by a bamboo tree, someone grabs him. He was scared when he saw who grabbed him. He shouted for help and fought. According to my father, the mother came running after what she saw and kept on shouting for help. They are pulling his son's hand while the other was pulled by a Kapre. The Kapre was trying to pull and get him in the dark.

When my father arrived on the scene, he prayed silently. Father knows some Latin prayer and that's what he did. The child was freed and was taken home. Father told us that they all prayed together to ward off sickness.

Story II - Red Eyes on The Window

This is a very short story that happened after I came back from Manila. Our house was transferred on the other side of the highway. The house where we once lived was turned into an office of the Valderrama. It is a logging company who occupies and rent the land owned by my grandmother on father's side.

Again, it was night time. I sleep with my Uncle (my mother's big brother) and a cousin. We made a make-shift bed on the floor. It was made of wood. The room has a window made of wood. It has a screen against mosquitoes. I tossed and turned around that made my Uncle angry. I couldn't sleep. So, I just lay down in a supine position. Then, my eyes saw something in the window. It is not only one, but two red eyes. It looks like watching me. Out of fear, I closed my eyes but turned to open it slightly to check if it is really true. It is really two red eyes watching me or us. I tried to wake my Uncle and my cousin. in almost a whisper. My Uncle answered under his breath like a horse snorting. He said, yes, I saw it. Don't move and pretend to sleep. It will just go.

I told my parents about it. They said it was only checking on you. Then, I went to the back of our house where the window of the room was located. I feel the fear rising. The window is high from the ground and there are no footprints.

My uncle said it was a balbal which means manananggal. A creature with wings that flies in the night. Sometimes, they fly only with half of their body

Story III - Is The Woman A Ghost?

I was in grade school. Our house was in front of Fil-Eslon. It was made of bamboo. Behind our house was a river- a part of Mandulog river which is now closed, I think.

It was night time. I sleep beside my parent's house helper. Our room has no door. But, it has a curtain. It was cold and I thought it's windy because the curtain keeps on flying from different directions. Suddenly, I saw someone walking. I can hear the sound of flip-flops that was dragged. My eyes went big for fear. I don't know what I'm going to do. My heart was beating fast. What I saw was an old woman with white long hair. I thought I am dreaming but it was real. She only told me to study hard and finish your school. Else, You' ll be a pity. Then, I closed my eyes.

In the morning, the house helper said, "Now, you know what to do in school?" I was surprised because she knows it. She told me she's awake and turned her back on me. My mother thought it was her mother. A ghost?? Am I going to believe that? I feel bad, though.

For years, I've been telling these stories over and over with my friends, when we struck a conversation about elves, giants and other fearful elements. I told them you can laugh at my stories. You were lucky, you were not born 40 years ago. Nowadays, it is hard to believe. So, it is up to you if you believe it or not.

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