JazzyPay, The New Online Payment System

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JazzyPay makes remittance payments to schools, hospitals, clinics, and other facilities easy.

A new online payment system rises from the Philippines E-commerce Industry with the name JazzyPay. If you're working abroad, you can use JazzyPay and send remittances to your family back home. To answer your questions like how does it work? Is it safe to use it? Is it applicable to the country where I worked? How much will JazzPay charge? Your questions will be answered below.

Safety and Security
When you pay online using either your credit card, debit card or PayPal, the security of JazzyPay ensures that your transaction is safe as the information is not saved. This site has a multiple data encryption that does the task of protecting this payment's system. This means that all the information and data is encrypted in such a way that if it is penetrated, nothing valuable can be retrieved. It is simple to understand the need for not storing important information like the 3 digit code at the back of the credit card. This makes JazzyPay a great choice as the information that you provide them is safe from cybercriminals.

Using JazzyPay
This payment platform has a website and mobile apps. It is ideal to be used by people abroad such as OFWs, and anyone that is not near the facilities that need to be paid. This is also ideal for employers that have to pay for their workers hospital bills, and even those kind-hearted generous ones that want to pay for a school bill.

The remittance of payments to a hospital, educational facility, and other establishments solves the problem of having to send the money, withdraw, and pay the bill by going there. It eliminates long lines and waiting to pay a bill. It eliminates the need of carrying a large amount of money. It is also possible that there is no one there to take care of the bill. A person might be alone, hospitalized, while their loved one is abroad. And, it is also possible that the money remitted through other channels might be misused instead of settling important bills.

JazzyPay does the task of ensuring that the bills are settled through the use of their payment platform.

Who Should Use JazzyPay?
We all have to pay bills. There are over 2 million overseas contract workers and more people from all over the world who do pay the hospital and educational bills. There are over 17,000 private schools and over a thousand private hospitals that currently do not use online payment, making it impossible to directly pay to their facilities from overseas.

JazzyPay enables people to make online payments to educational facilities, healthcare facilities, and other establishments, instantly, anytime, and from anywhere.

JazzyPay has an advocacy. Currently, it is partnering with top educational and medical institutions, to open doors to the discovery and support of the next generation of potential entrepreneurs conducting thesis and case studies in line with agricultural, medicinal and technical breakthroughs which can greatly improve lives. JazzyPay donates 5% of revenues for scholarship, thesis competition, start-up pitch and acceleration programs.

This company goes on track to aid in the startup ecosystem and is determined to help alleviate poverty by creating more job opportunities here in the Philippines so that will eventually elevate our economic status.

JazzyPay Official Partners:

Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre – Quezon City
Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre – SMX Mall of Asia
Manila Adventist College – Pasay City
Adventist Medical Center Manila – Pasay City
Molar Hub Dental Clinic – Calamba Laguna
Smile Savers Dental Care Clinic - Manila
Smile-A-holics Dental Clinic - CQ
Mandadero Dental Clinic – Olongapo City
Bacud Dental Centre - Caloocan
G.F. Gomez Dental Office - Antipolo
Bonifacio Dental Center - Angeles City, Pampanga
The Learning Place – UPLB Laguna
Instant Reader – 35 Branches Nationwide

JazzyPay traction in 2 months:
  • Processed over 100,000php online transactions without marketing.
  • More than 100 partnership applications processed
  • Secured partnerships with private schools, clinics, and hospitals nationwide.

JazzyPay Projected Traction in One Year (October 2017 to October 2018):
  • Will process One Billion Pesos (1,000,000,000php) worth of online payment transactions by October 2018
  • Estimated to secure another 400 schools, hospitals, and clinics’ partnership nationwide.
  • Will reach Facebook Brand Awareness by June 2018 with an estimated of over 100,000 Facebook Likes & Followers.
  • Estimated to secure and close seed investment round before Jan 2018

JazzyPay was in the TOP 20 FINALISTS for Startup Summit 2017 organized by YES Philippines and is among the 8 best eHealth Solutions for the final round of the HealthTech Challenge Demo Day.

For more information visit JazzyPay website and JazzyPay Facebook page.