Learn How To Play Guitar

Learning on how to play guitar is not that easy. It takes patience, focus, and attitude to learning each chord. You must start from the beginning. First, let us learn the basics.

Parts of the Guitar
No one will ask about the parts of the guitar. But, in my own opinion, it is important to know it. What if, someone will ask you to do it using that one word that defines a part of a guitar. At least you know and understand what that word means.

Learn the Chords
Others will teach you the chords while you strum the guitar. As for me, you have to know the chords first and take notes. Just in case you forgot, so, it'll be handy.

Holding a Guitar
If you are sitting, you must be in the proper posture and a straight back with your thigh supporting the guitar. Your elbow tightens the hold of a guitar. Hold the back of the guitar against your stomach or chest, as if you won't let it go. The positioning of your hand depends if you are right-handed or left-handed.

Play your first Song
Now that you learn on how to play guitar, you are ready to play your first song. You bet, I want to hear it.

Use of Thumbpick
This is optional! It depends on you, it's your choice. But, if you are in a concert, you will use it to attack those chords or notes so they can get through. It gives clarity and brings the strings out.

Now, I imagine how wonderful it is strumming my own martin x series, an acoustic electric guitar. Yay! Have fun learning and strumming your way with your friends!

Do you have stories to tell? Come and share it with us by commenting below. I would love to hear it from you!

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