Watching Julie Roberts

julie roberts, country singer
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Watching "The Voice" in YouTube is a stress reliever. I love how the judge's exchange dirty tricks to win the contestant and choose them as their coach.

In one blind audition, a lady contestant was Blake's friend. Her name was Julie Roberts. Once in her life, she had become a well-known country singer and had a gold label. When one of her songs didn't make it, the label and Julie separate ways.

She went back to Nashville and stayed with her mother and sister. Life has its own reasonable affliction. Everything she earned and worked for had vanished by a flash flood. It tears their home and her other belongings. Also, she diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Joining the blind audition was her chance to take part and see what happens. She sings Blake Shelton's "God Gave Me You" song. She hopes that Blake would turn and recognize her. Unfortunately, none of the coach or judges turn their chair around for her. But, her musicians friend did recognize her. Blake had introduced her to other judges by her name. It made him feel guilty and embarrassed for not turning his chair for her.

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