Awesome Birthday Celebration

It's my birthday! I did not plan to buy anything like food and such. My introvert attitude says, I'll pray with my heart and just be thankful for this day. But, my brother was persistent. He promised to come and bring a cake if I cook or buy pansit for him. But, what makes my birthday totally awesome:

Brother's arrival
As what he promised, he arrived with the cake complete with my age. But, I have to keep it as a secret. Please excuse my hair
cake, celebrant, birthday

Although both of us has to lead a different life, as her eldest sister, I am waiting for the time like this. It happened! For the first time, he shares, confide and open up what he went through. We are only two siblings because our parents are dead. I am happy for what he did. It makes me feel better as his sister because he listens. Our mugshot - my brother and I.

brother, sister, photograph

Oh, I forgot to take photos of the food, sorry! We have Spaghetti and Pancit which husband bought from Tito Renz Restaurant. A restaurant that offers catering services at the same time in San Jose del Monte of Bulacan. I always find their spaghetti taste better.

sarangani, bangus
Box of Sarangani Bay
This is an opt for my blog, actually. When the delivery man arrived carrying the box with a big blue ribbon on top, I smiled. They are so sweet, just in time for my birthday. My heart fluttered a bit. I am touched.

prize, argan oilMorocco Argan Oil
Whenever I go to a mall, I happen to pass by the different counters of beauty products. There are ladies who will meet you and have sales talk about their product. One of them is Argan oil of which I heard positive reviews for the skin and hair. But, I can't buy it because I cannot afford it. I say no and pass by. I told myself, time will come, I will have you. And there you go -

I won a Morocco Argan Oil from Nailaholics. Nailaholics is a nail and spa salon for your beauty regimen and pampering needs. On the 16th of October 2016, it's National Pampering Day from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. If you want to join, check out their Facebook for more information and promos.

All these things happened on my birthday. I thank God for it! I muttered it was an awesome celebration even if it's simple. I can feel my heart's happiness and joy. What matters to me is my brother and family.

How about you? How do you celebrate your birthday? Can you share your story? 

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