Ghost In The Shop

ghost, spirit, horror
Photo Credits : Pixabay
Two nights ago, around 10:00 pm to 11:00 p.m. in the evening. I saw a ghost. This is what happened.

Father and son went out to buy snacks. The only person I'm with is the hospital trustee in the internet shop. The shop is the adjacent building of the hospital. A nurse came in to inform the trustee about the new patient. Of course, they both went out to prepare the patient's room. I'm left alone but I'm not afraid because the lights are on.

I focus on what I'm doing on the computer like editing the blog post. While, googling the guitar center sc for instruments. Then, I saw the hospital trustee arrived through my right eye (without turning my head). That makes me feel better. But, I never saw him sit on the computer because something white block his view. I just let it pass and went back to my online gig. After a few minutes, I heard a noise. My son and husband wasn't around yet. So, it's not possible. I turned around, my right eye caught a white figure. It has a curly long hair and a bigger tummy. The white figure wore a white shirt and a dirty white skirt. It was caressing the keyboards while moving towards the back of the shop. I saw only the side view part of the body and face.

After that, I turned my back and watch the computer's monitor. The noise died down. That's when I realized what I just saw. I couldn't believe it. I thought I was dreaming but I am not. What amazes me is that I am not afraid!

I look around the shop and saw the hospital trustee playing an online game in the computer. Then, my husband and son arrived from buying snacks. I never told them but I've waited in the morning to tell my husband what had happened. He told me, "This place is a hospital and it's old! A lot of them are here!"

How about you? Have you ever experienced ghosts or another character? Leave some comments below. Thank you!


  1. I most certainly have when I was a student in college. I was in the catwalks of the theater and saw some sort of apparition near by. When I looked over, it looked at me then vanished.

    1. You're not afraid, right? It's not like in the movies that's so scary.