Should I Write A Letter To Ellen DeGeneres?

I've been thinking these past days, if I should or should not write a letter to Ellen. She's Ellen DeGeneres, by the way! I know it's a leap of faith. As I have read this post in her website:

Do you want Ellen to Make Your Dreams Come True? Sometimes dreams need a little Ellen touch! If there's something you've always wished for, whether it's tickets to see Adele, the chance to play an Ellen Show game, or even a tropical vacation, Ellen can make your wish come true. Tell us what your dream is here!!
It's very tempting! Yes, I have a dream and everyone in this world is. My dreams is not a vacation, it's not a ticket to watch Adele's concert and it's not the chance to be in Ellen Show and watch her.  My dream is for me to have a laboratory test and curettage. I have a polyp and or cervical cyst. It's more than 2 months since I was diagnosed. I tried to make ends meet, financially. I even asked for help from the people I know, family and relatives. Only few had answered and I understand that.

My OB-Gyne wants to make sure that I am 100% able for curettage because of the risk factors - obesity, my age and cardiomegaly (abnormal enlargement of the heart).

These are the suggestions for a cheaper hospital expenses, help and government aids. 
  • For Philhealth -  I am re-activating it now, voluntarily
  • Approach a politician - No, I am not that sort of person who rides the jeepney because it's election time.
  • Tala Hospital - This, is a good suggestion because PCSO office is within or near the hospital. But, you have to shell out money for new screen tests such as Pap smear, ultrasound and other laboratory tests. The location is too far from my family. If ever I had an operation, no one is available as my watcher for one night. Also, my thoughts are in my son.
Why am I doing this?
Financially incapable. I had no work, though. I blog, I farm Bitcoin, play an online game- hoping that I can earn by selling good items and alz (name of money in the game). My partner earns a little from watching an internet shop. He focuses on our food and son's needs especially in the  school expenses. Sometimes, he gave me money for fare and supplements. We are not married. That's the reason why he cannot use his Philhealth for me.

As of now, the total cash is very far from the amount I need for hospital bills and laboratory tests. The amount I need is Php 25,000.00. The total cash from loan and savings is Php 7,000.00 only.


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