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In the old days, people will buy newspapers to read the latest news. It is not only one, but 2 or 3 different newspaper to read. Life has changed in growing years. There are people who have no time to buy newspapers because of their busy schedules and meetings. The people would turn to their computers to read the latest events through the internet.  Others, would use their gadgets like cellphone or mobile to share the news on Facebook. Our world has become advance with technology and e-commerce, so, how about a mobile app?

AMXWorks, a mobile app developer has created a mobile news application named as TopBuzz. TopBuzz gathers all the latest news, videos and deals from different sources like Inquirer, CNN Philippines, Kickerdaily to name a few.

  • Mobile app is FREE - You can find and download it from Google Play. For Cherry Mobile users, it is available in Pinoy AppShop.
  • Easy To Navigate - On the upper left side is a small icon, when you press it with your fingertip, it slides and shows you 12 different categories to choose from. These are namely: Latest, Buzz, Featured, News, Sports, Lifestyle, Business, Technology, Videos, Deals, Jobs and Events. 
  • No need to go from one newspaper to another. It's all here with your fingertip!


I did not encounter any problem with this mobile app. The problem I had was my Wifi connection. Download and installation took me 1 minute. While, loading time is 3 to 4 minutes  before I can read a news article. Just make sure your internet connection is way fast. Or you'll end up frustrated from waiting, like me. By the way, I am using an iPad for downloading and installation of the said app.

If you want to download and visit their Facebook for further information, you can refer the links above

Below are my screenshots of the mobile news app

The Front Page.12 categories Video Categories

The first item under News Category from the top, down to the comments

Rating: 4 stars 

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