Grateful and Challenging Year 2015

year 2015

I am grateful last year 2015 because I had done some improvements not for myself, yet. But for the things that I want to learn in blogging. Also, It is fruitful and welcoming year for me to start with. I am hit with the highs and lows, but positivism conquers it, if you believe.

I am one of the so-called Promonatics, it means a person who is fond of joining in the promo world. In short, Promo Fanatics. In some occasions, I won items like Charmee's Light Up and other premium items.

promo, samples

I got samples from EverydayMe. EverydayMe is an online community of Procter and Gamble company where members shares their views of different P&G products. Received tokens from different companies who email us for survey.

I am thankful with my two friends whom I thought are only Promonatics. I didn't know they are both bloggers. Both had awaken my writing "me amore" whom I had shelved 4 years ago. Because of these two person, I came back with a new domain name, armed with an intense interest to learn. Yes, intense! Four years ago, I do not know what a domain name is and what a web hosting is. Also, I am apprehensive to ask someone about the things I wanted to know. I'm always thinking, if the words I'm using to ask her is right or wrong. Google and I are not in good terms that time because of my adsense cancellation. I was heartbroken. I've wasted those years to  learn and prosper. I focus more on contests but drop it because of my pregnancy. Now, I am always grateful with my two friends, Arra and Joy.  

Having a domain name was a blessing! I had a 250 words article task from a trusted source. It was approve. This enables me to transfer to a new domain registrar - Namecheap. Second task, was a video article! Unfortunately, I turned it down. I had no video equipment and resources to do it. Besides, I'm not prepared to do it in front, yet. I like to stay behind the camera, better.

blogapalooza 2015, freebies

September, I was able to join Blogapalooza Event! Yay, after all those years! My mind wanders while reading the bloggers post after the said event in the past. Reading their post, excitement was building up within me! I regret that I wasn't able to meet and mingle with the first persons who had influenced me when I started out. Guess what? I am not fond of selfie but in Blogapalooza but I was able to do it! Yay! 

October comes the most inevitable thing had happened. It was on its 3rd week when I feel itchiness on my legs, back and V-Shape down there. If I'll start scratching, it's unstoppable. I was so eager to scratch it that I have to groan and cry because it ended up with little wounds. These little wounds would sting, of course, when I pee and hit by water. I write posts but stop from time to time to scratch. It was so gross and a nightmare!  

Sometimes, bad things happens bad. Even so, I am grateful with all my heart that my blog were included for various types of press releases. Thanks to Arra, Ms.Reylen, Ms. Grace Bondad, Ms. Lariza. If I had forgotten your name, I'm sorry because I want to thank you.

December, I was itch - free! That's the most important thing for me before the year ends.

It was challenging! It was fruitful and I am grateful! Thank you 2015!

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