NDTDA: No Desire To Do Anything Syndrome + Itchiness

Yesterday, I saw this on my Facebook newsfeeds. Oh yeah! That is what I feel. I am currently suffering from NDTDA or No desire to do anything syndrome. A bad reality for me because my mind and body was exhausted. Here is the reason why: 
My body is itching that I have to scratch from my head to toe. You can imagine how it feels when itchiness and scratching starts. There are little red spots spreading in my entire body and even in my face that I have to scratch it all the time. I don't know where this came from. It just pops on my arm and the itching begins. I bet it was an allergy. I did not ask for a doctor because he will only tell me to buy Citirizene. Citirizene is a medicine in a form of a small tablet for an  allergy. Even my cousin told me about it. I don't want to use it because I'll end up sleeping all day. If I took one tab, believe me, the earth in which I stand spins and made me go to sleep. I can not control the sleepiness.

Maybe, there is a possibility where my allergy came from. The cause might be the water and body wash. A few days ago, the water tank's pipe was stock up. Water cannot go through the faucet. We have to use the water from the river (as the source) for taking a bath and washing clothes. The problem lasts for three days before it is fix. The second possibility is the body wash in which I am trying for a review. Since, the itchiness has started, I have to stop using it. I'll use it again if the itchiness is gone.

For the itchiness, I have a remedy of my own. 

  • Taking a bath using the water from the tank because it is fix, now.
  • Use a bath soap that is color white with no perfumes. It is my son's pediatrician doctors tell about allergies.
  • Vicks vaporub. I spread Vicks in some parts of my body where there is a red spot. I do this after bath because it gives me relief and comfort from itching. No one advice me how to use it. All I know is that I feel relieved after I rub it.
So, how about you? What made you stop to do anything? Is it an NDTDA syndrome? Please leave your comments, below.

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