Whenever I Feel Sad

sad, depress

Yes. I think every human being will undergo such emotions, especially when we failed. There are things that were shattered into pieces. It's alright! It's part of of the so-called Life.

Yes, I've been there! It happened in my past. I stayed in a house and pay a rental fee for a single bed. I cried a river over my future and my age. I feared what will happen to me in the future if I had no job. How am I going to pay the rent? How will I eat when I can't buy food? I feel so alone. I cried when all my roommates are off working.

Yes, almost! It is my desperate thoughts that lead me to. I thought negatively. Looking for a job was negative, though I tried. I am an old woman, based on the looks and age. Then, I have to deal with comments from wearing business clothes for applying a job, instead, they'll say, "Ah you got a job!" and "Are you going for work?". I feel pressured. I don't know what to do, anymore. 

What I did
I went to a church's tabernacle to seek the Lord's guidance. It was so quiet and peaceful. Everyone's praying. I place my mat on the floor and sit over it. I let my tears flow and like a child I told Him all the burden I am carrying.

Whenever I feel sad

I seek His comfort. I pray and asked God's hand to bless me, my heart, my soul and let the negativity fall out of me.

How about you? How do you deal with your sadness and discomfort?

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