Endless Weariness: A Personal Reflection

 I'm drained, like a battery.
Physically tired from a day's work,
Oh, I don't mean an office work,
I'm a stay-at-home mom :)
But, I did a bit of juggling.

Mentally tired from fixing codes on this blog,
I'm having a hard time when errors showed up.
I may had finished a course in programming,
But, boy it was kept in a tavern, long time ago. 
So, expect it to be no updates, unused and rusty.

Researching through the use of Internet 
and reading online materials
has kept me going. It's exhausting and stressful in applying
what you learn. But, when an error showed up, I don't know what to do anymore.

Obviously, I'm done with the two parts,
now only one left and it's easy.
Somehow, all the stress, 
headaches and tiredness went to my arms.
It seems I am using my arms in carrying big trunks.
My heart palpitates and my eyes are drooping.
It is not emotional tiredness, isn't it?


I am writing this after a successful fix.
Yes! I had tired eyes and tired arms.
But, it's really worth it.

Now, I'll take a nap and be back soon!

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