Friends To Thank For

I made a conversation with friend A. After knowing that I blog and lived in an internet shop. She told me, "If I were you, I will make a career in blogging, since you lived in an internet shop". I told her, that I'm inactive and I don't think I can handle both worlds - blogging, motherhood and a wife.

Then, another Friend J had sent me a message through Facebook. She told me that, "Sis, nagblog ka pala?". Again, I replied with the same reason.  I'm inactive and I can't handle both worlds. She told me why don't you blog again, then apply for a certain affiliation. Perhaps, this will help you. But what about my post, I had only one this month, I told her. Don't worry, you'll be having a lot of posts, when your approve, she answered. Well, I did apply for that affiliation, but I was denied. Indeed, Friend J kept on asking about my application. When, I told her that I was denied, she told me to buy a domain name. Since, I have only cents in my PayPal, she supported me.

I have no choice and it would be a shame not to.

I would like to thank these two beautiful ladies for letting me pick up the pieces that I've left behind in writing.

Joy Merced of Bundles of Joy

Thank you very much, you two, for being an inspiration and persuading me! More blessings and God bless your heart.

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