My Bucket List

While sitting on my bed, creating a bucket list came into my mind. It has no specific date or year. I know it’ll take time for me to work on it.  So, here it goes:
  1. Moving the remains of my mother – It’s a long time wish! My mother died from cervical cancer. She was buried in Butuan City - year 2009. It’s my brother’s decision.  He lived their before and had a good life but time has changed. He left that place and stayed in Metro Manila for good. While my father stayed in her sister’s house in Iligan City.  Sad to say my mother’s remains was left behind.  That is why I really, really want to moved her to Iligan City where her siblings, nieces and nephews lived.
  2. Visiting My Father – I haven’t seen my father for five (5) years. There were grudges but then he is still my father whatever happens. Also, he’s very old now.  He did not have a chance to see, hug and tease my son. That is why I’m longing to visit him, one day, with my son.
  3. Annulment – I’m separated and now lives with another man who had given me a son for the first time. I have apprehension in telling the truth for my son’s safetyFiling for an annulment is very  expensive in the Philippines and there is no divorce. If I am not mistaken, the total cost runs from three hundred thousand pesos (P300,000.00 equivalent to $6,959.16) to five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00 equivalent to $11,598.59). Unfortunately, I don’t have that amount.
  4. House and Lot – First and foremost, we do not have a house. I am not looking for a big plush; luxury house. I prefer a small bungalow type that I can call my own until I grow old. Why small? When your child marries and leave you behind or pursue a career in another place, we’ll be left behind. If something goes wrong, your child will come back and stay. FYI, we are only allowed to stay and lived in the internet shop provided that we pay the rent, electricity and water consumption.
  5. Son’s Education – I want to give him the best education he deserved and finished it. I’ll be supportive in whatever he choose for his life as long as it is for good and his future.
  6. Computer and Laptop – I don’t have a computer and laptop. We do not own the computer I use for writing and gaming.  How I wish I have my own to set the settings and customize desktop background and screensaver. I want a laptop if my son want to use the computer.
  7. Cellphone – :) I already have a cell phone but I need to upgrade it from the basic. Who wants an Instagram application?! Oh gee, I want, I really do but my cell phone can’t do it. For all I know, it is only applicable to an iPhone or an Android. So, whatever cell phone you can buy for me is okay as long as it has an Instagram application. :)

Oh, my bucket list did not reach number 10. Geeh! As of this time, that is all I can think of but I will update this until it reach to number 10 Important Bucket Lists in my life.

Hacked! Pinterest Account

As you all know, I create a Pinterest account for contest repins and follows. The truth is I really have no  idea what to do with it.

I received a lot of emails saying this name repinned my pin “according to MNSBC it looks like working from home… board”.  pinterest

I may be looking for work online but never create a board and a photo/pin for the best jobs in America. This is what happened to The Crafty Military Wife Pinterest. It was also hacked. I’ve tried to delete the board and the photo, but it will recreate itself. I had no idea where it came from.

If you want to see, try to search this in Google using this words “Pinterest board according to MNSBC it looks like”. Make sure your Pinterest account is not open – to be safety. You’ll be amazed on what I’ve found. A Pinterest account has a lot of that boards. Aside from what they said: hacked; spammed. To me, it looks like a virus that creates itself and spammed your board.

To avoid for more repins and spam of my that board, I had deactivated it and will recreate another one.