I've been  experiencing dizziness in the past weeks.  Whenever I woke up in the morning, it seems like the room is turning around. I have to close my eyes, again and hold on to my pillow to pass that feeling.  After a few minutes, I perspire a lot. It’s really difficult to get up.  Sometimes, I still feel groggy but, I have to get up to do the routine for my son.

It’s a feeling that I've endured for almost a month, I think. One time, my husbands’ family (his father and siblings) arrived from Dumaguete. We have to rise early because it takes 3 hours or more to travel to Manila. There you go, again! I feel dizzy that my husband told me to cancel the trip. I told him not to do that. I can go, I'll be okay in a few minutes, I assured him. In my mind, I know I am not okay and we will go. It’s his moment to meet his family after 10 years of stay here in Greater Manila.

To tell you, I am neither pregnant nor high blood. A nurse had given me a medicine. She told me to take it whenever I feel dizzy. I only took one tab and observed. It has treated me for more than three hours, though. I feel like I'm walking in the air.

I missed the “tuob” and a nice whole body massage afterwards. Tuob is a Cebuano word for a person sitting or standing, wrap in a blanket. Underneath a chair, is a hot pot with boiled leaves. After a few minutes, the lady would tell you to lay down for the massage. Oohhlala! Another is “buhot”, wherein you're wrapped in a blanket and left the head part open, so you can take a breath. Then, the woman would puff a smoke of tobacco (made from dried tobacco leaves) inside the blanket to warm your joints. This is what I usually do in the province, when I am not feeling well.

Last night, I took a bath with warm water. As of now, I feel less dizzy unlike before. I'm hoping it'll be gone.

No Internet Connection

Lovelies, I'm sorry I was not able to update you for three days and half. I have no internet connection that started last Sunday afternoon at around 2pm. I thought it's my husband fault, but I was wrong. The PLDT base in our location was struck by lightning. I'm not surprised because it's raining hard.

Since, we don't have internet for more than three days, we played LAN games to pass the time, though. I am worried because of an important conversation that stop and the contests I promised to join with my blogger friend.

But, thank God, internet connection is up now. Although, it's only few hours left to join the said contest. Better late than never! :) Happy!