Baby's Gender

My baby's gender is always an issue, everyday. You can hear their comments like, "Ayaw pag-ingon ana kay bayot na!". It means, "Do not do that because it's Gay!" (referring) to the third sex. My baby has actions through the use of his hands that moves like a Gay.

As a mother, I want to shout and prove it. He's a baby and does not know what his doing. As a parent, who wants it? Please, don't mislead me as I don't have anything about the third sex generation. I just feel irritated and pissed off by the comments everyday.

Now, if that happens, it's up to me as a parent on what's the best thing to do. All I know is I love him very much and will accept whoever he is.

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  1. People can be real mean.You have a wonderful six month old baby. The baby should be able to express itself any way it can. That is how they develop.There is nothing you can do at this point but to enjoy your baby.That sounds like a superstition to me. They can be very hurtful.