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Sorry, I published it without posting anything. I was testing if the blogger was down. Anyway, I was thinking of creating an About Me page but I don't know how to start it, yet. And then, a friend named Red, leave a comment in one of my blog posts. She informed me about the tagged! I did not create a tagged post immediately! I was thinking what to write coz' there are facts about me that are too personal. Still, I write about and here you go: 

The 10 Facts About Me 
  1. I came back to Manila to look for work after my mother's burial, though. It was a gamble because of my age. Afterward, I gave up looking for work because my pocket money began to drain that I end up washing the clothes of my boarding housemates for food and other needs. 
  2. I left the boarding house because I can't pay it anymore. And choose to live with my boyfriend (who become my husband), instead, who had a small room in an internet shop where he worked.
  3. Living with my husband was like a cat and a mouse play. He lived in a working place - an internet shop. The owner prohibits us from living together because it's business. So, I have to hide when the owner is around. I have to be thick-faced to lived. That is where I start blogging and looking for ways and means to earn online even in cents. 
  4. I gave birth for the first time at the age of 38. It's a boy. I gave up the thought of having a baby but unexpectedly he arrived. I think it was a miracle.
  5. Because of my baby, I was allowed to stay in the internet shop by the owner. Also, my husband had worked for a long time in the shop. That was a plus. Thank God, I stopped hiding because it made me nervous.
  6. I love collecting postcards and stamps around the world. I considered it as my treasure. That is why, I brought it here in Manila from the province and left it in the care of my cousin. She had an album of stamps and postcards herself. So, I entrust her my things.
  7. I love to read. Even if I am carrying a broom and cleaning some stuff, you bet! I will stop and read it if it looks informative. 
  8. I love dogs so much and treat them like a human being. I found out it's a no-no because it stress them. Once, I have a dog, I shampooed, towel dry his hair and brushed it. 
  9. I am an altruistic person but sometimes, it is misunderstood or I am misunderstood. That is why I mellowed down and kept it to myself. Each one of us is different and the words I used has a different meaning on them.
  10. I love everything that I do and enjoyed it. It makes me happy, though. Some people dislike it and I disregard it. I just can't stop fighting for my life.
There you go, guys! There is one fact about myself that I did not tell you because it is very personal. Guess, I am not ready to open up and talk about it, yet. Now, I'm going to tagged 10 people and get to know them. I'll tag Zoan, Blankpixels, Kathy29156, Vernz, Liz, Sie, Pinx, ladyguinevere28, Sarah and Yen.

There are rules: 10 facts about you and leave a comment without a link to make it more exciting!  :)


  1. wow this is really interesting.... but I dont have 10 friends online.. Ohh.. that would not stop me of joining this tagged. heheheh thanks sis.