October 27, 2009

Moving Out and Moving In

Am I going to move out from that place or not? But how will I pay the rent if I am not going to do it? Where will I get resources? Those thoughts have been bothering me in the past days. 

I am renting a bed space (renting a bed space) in the suburbs of Pasay City. I like it because it has a lower rate that costs P1,200 pesos a month. A lot of tears and joy had happened in that place. Created comradeship for more than two years with other housemates who had come and go.A very accessible place. It is near MRT/LRT, Mall of Asia, SM Makati, Robinsons Manila, Manila Zoo and other malls/place of festivities. The accessibility of the place and comradeship has left me in doubt of leaving the place.

I just can't leave a place like that. But I have no choice, I don't have funds and work to pay the rent, anymore. I decided to move out even if it broke my heart. Kissed Wilda, the management's relative who have been with me from all odds and evens that I've been through. We shared food and just a little money credit for food. For example, If I have an extra budget and she can't buy food, I'll give her money to buy food. Then, she'll do likewise if I have none. She was previously working with the owner of the boarding house as a House Helper but stopped. Bade goodbye to Tita Grace (she's younger than I, actually), my board mate whom we shared sorrows and pain of love from the past. Ivy, the only daughter and matured-thinker of us all. She always gives us food for snacks.. hehe.. Lovely, who works in the government. She keeps a lot of food (fruits, chocolates, candies and bread) in her organizer in which we steal for fun and eat. No worries, Lovely isn't angry but amused from our craziness. Memoirs of it all will remain in my heart.

Moving out and Moving in another place....
I brought my things in my Uncle and Aunt's place in Imus, Cavite and leave it there. Sounds bad but I can't do anything if I stay there. My Aunt and Uncle are both siblings and they both understood my decision.

Moving out and moving in another place..
I stay in boyfriend's workplace, though. A stay in worker and manages an internet shop. He has his own room. It's "bawal" and I hide when the owner visit to get the sales. If the owner sees me, I only say hi or good morning. But most of the time, hid. We do not want her to think that I am staying and living with him, though. We created rumors from the other workers. Later on, they understand not my situation but my boyfriend as a man.

Nay! Anyway, I am focused now on paying my debts which I leave behind - boarding house. I am thankful they trust and understand me, though. As long as I have the resources to pay them, I will send it. Thank you, Lord!
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