Things To Do Before You Travel

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Whenever my husband and I decide for a family holiday, I make sure we plan ahead of time. There are important things to look into. Since we will close the shop, we have to ask permission from the owner. Likewise, if you work in the office, you have to file a leave of absence. Although, there are things to do and think about before going to travel.

This is the first to check on whatever vacations you plan to do. Think about your budget, first. Is your money sufficient for a holiday? Do you have a pocket money for other expenses? If none, then it is time to save money. Whenever you receive pay, set aside a budget for the holiday travels.

Flights and Accommodations
Check the airline's website for a possible promo. Usually, they offer it before the peak month starts. The plane tickets are quite pricey without a discount.

Book a place early because they offer a discount for a few nights stay. Sometimes, staying a few days and nights earn you an extra day FREE.

I'll share with you where I found all these cheap vouchers and discounts for the holidays. So, you will have an idea of what I'm talking about. You will find it in the "Latest Deals, shared by real people". Yes, the latest deals in time for the holidays and save the date. Take a look at what they are offering:
holiday discounts
Dreaming of going to one of these places. Book early for the holiday this 
April to May and pay it less with a 35% discount.

early discounts
If you spend over 1000 at Expedia, get 750 off from the selected holiday package

Above are just an example of what I found in the latest deals for holiday seekers. You can find more vouchers/discounts inside. You can also register if you want to receive emails in your inbox.

Bring The Important Essentials Only
If you travel, things to wear is important but limited unless you want to pay for an extra baggage. As for me, I don't like to travel with a heavy baggage especially if you had a kid or two. I bring 2 or 3 items of clothing aside from the underwears and towels. You can wash them or find a laundry shop nearby.

For body and hair care essentials, a small size will do or will just go on shopping in the area to buy our needs in small sizes.

Be sure you have your tickets with you. Keep all your tickets in one purse.

Now, you are ready to go. Have a great vacation! Enjoy.

Spreading Autism Awareness Through Calel's Wacky Art Shirts

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Some people were speculating about the word Autism. The Philippines has an estimate of 1 million people living together with a person who has autism. A few understand what it was. ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition wherein the affected person has the ability to communicate and interact socially with repetitiveness.

Calel, who is now 6 years old was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) at the age of four. A year ago, Calel discovered the love for animals and drawings. When he starts to sketch on a pad, he can't stop. Marie, Calel's mom posted his artwork on Facebook when a certain friend commented that if the drawing is printed on a t-shirt, he would definitely buy it.

Marie decided to launch Calel's Wacky Art Shirts for 3 reasons:
1. to help with Calel’s therapy needs
2. to develop the business to eventually be taken over by Calel(when he gets older)
3. to spread Autism awareness.

Anybody would know that occupational and Speech therapy is costly, plus there are limited specialists in the Philippines. Kids with ASD need to attend SPED (Special Education) classes which can cost up to 60,000Php a year. For every shirt purchased, this will help Calel’s parents to make sure he gets the special treatments that he needs.

Calel’s future is still unclear at the age of 6, he shows signs of progress but it is hard to tell if he will be able to live a normal life or yet alone become employed if this becomes a success, Calel’s Wacky Art Shirts may become his own business to handle.

art shirt, calels wacky shirts
This is one example of Calel's drawing printed on a shirt.

With the first batch of t-shirts printed and distributed, people that order has started to ask about Calel and his condition – this helps Marie to talk about Autism and educate them on what Calel and their parents experience day-to-day including the highs and low. There are so many designs to choose from and each is unique which you will surely love. T-shirt’s come on kids, men and women’s sizes.

Calel’s Wacky Art Shirts are being offered at introductory prizes for the first 100 customers.

Please visit their Instagram account for updates and designs:

You may help calel by purchasing a shirt through their shoppee account:

They are also accepting donations for art materials like sketch pads, crayons, colored pencils, and pens.

2018 Gift Ideas for Men

Let’s face it–buying gifts for men can be frustrating. They either buy whatever they want for themselves or claim they don’t care what you get them. Whether you’re buying something for your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, or any other guy in your life, you may be tempted to give up. But don’t fret! Here are the top gift ideas for men in 2018, whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or special occasion.

Personalized Signs

Men love to be recognized and feel proud of who they are. Show the man in your life what a big deal he is by ordering a custom-made sign for him! You can incorporate his name and even include a special message on the sign if you want. He’ll be ecstatic to hang his personalized sign in his man cave or garage.

Car or Truck Covers

For some reason, guys are obsessed with their vehicles. Even if you don’t fully understand his obsession, why not indulge him a little bit? You can surprise him with a custom-fitted Ford F150 car cover or truck storage covers. Men want their cars looking their best, so give them the ultimate protection with a California Car Cover.

Car Care Kits

Have you ever wondered where the man in your life is, only to see him emerge from the garage hours later? If the guy you’re buying for wants his four-wheeled baby looking squeaky clean all the time, consider getting him a car care kit. You don’t have to be a car expert to get a good bundle of cleaning products. Just purchase a cleaning kit and he’ll be happy to use it to keep his precious ride shining brighter than ever!

There are two main things guys are obsessed with–themselves and their cars. These gifts are the perfect way to spoil any guy. Shop for a personalized sign, F150 car cover, or car care products at California Car Cover.

Win 1-Year Audiobooks Subscription!

The name Audiobook was established by Audio Publishers Association as the normal word usage. According to Wikipedia, it was designed by the government as the program to those who are blind. Today, audiobooks are convenient to listen to everyone, even kids. It evokes their interest to listen especially if they can't find a book to read.

audiobooks giveaway

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Get “Me” Time Anytime With

We all love when our kids get excited about books, but between running errands, doing chores and scrubbing magic marker “art” off the walls, it can be tough to get excited about books for ourselves (let alone find a quiet moment to actually sit down and read). believes that reading great books (or any books, really) makes a person happier, helps them learn and makes them grow. And if we encourage our kids to read more, shouldn’t we do the same? is giving away a FREE one-year subscription so you can take your favorite books anywhere, anytime. Get inspired, educated and entertained by books whether you’re commuting, at the gym, doing dishes or on a weekend road trip with the family. Instantly stream and download more than 100,000 incredible audiobooks to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Summer Mix and Match Dress and Shirts

Last month, some parents were busy with the graduation and moving-up ceremonies with their children. Now, is the month for vacation and out of town plans or hitting the beach. While planning a vacation, do you have plans on what to wear?

As for me, I choose a floral dress that has a soft fabric. It blends well with windy and hot weather conditions. Soft fabrics allow the air to circulate. It makes you more comfortable while you freely move around.

I found this online shop that showcases different styles and accessories for women called Yoins. The name Yoins is an online shop for women that sells the latest trends in fashion and jewelry. They have artistic designs and latest trends for women.

I tried to mix and match a fashion dress and accessories for the summer.  Here they are:

yoins dress

Green Random Floral Print Mini Dress 
I like floral print fashion dresses because it makes me feel so feminine.  I prefer a flared sleeves.  Sorry dear, with big arms, I don't like to show it. Its a big no-no for me when it comes to sleeveless and short-sleeves. This dress is made of polyester and spandex material which is soft for the skin. There are pleats on the lower portion of the dress. I remember my mom when it comes to pleated design. Easy to swing and move around while you hop on the beach or walk around the town.

Floppy Straw Hat
It is a wide-brimmed hat for your head and sun protection.

White Leather Strap Front Flat Sandals
A simple yet in plain white color. It looks elegant for a walk.

White Lace-up Crochet Anklets
If you want to feel the sand on the beach, wear this anklet, it adds charm to your feet.

On the other hand, get some splurge of fashion t shirts online whether you like to wear it on your home or whatever you want to do. Shirts are for comfort and relaxing look.

For more fashion styles and latest trends for women, visit