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My Athena Milk Samples Has Arrived

Yay! At last, the Athena Milk has arrived. The paper bag contain 2 packs of 180-gram Athena powdered milk in two flavors. Those flavors are Chocolate and Milk. I was one of the first 500 women who luckily signed up for Athena Milk samples.

After I received the milk, I instantly tried the chocolate flavor. No sugar added :) only the milk powder and hot water. But, before I drank it, husband made the first move. So, I have to make another glass of Athena chocolate milk.

Athena is very creamy and delicious. No foul smell like the other brands. Honestly, I am choosy when it comes to milk. After tasting other brands and smell something, I would yuck and stop drinking it. But not with Athena because I continuously drink the pack they have given me. I would buy for more when the milk runs out! 

Milk is very important especially for a woman. I’m glad that Athena was created to cater a woman’s need. It has high calcium with low fat and very nutritious. It is good for dieters, no need to worry in gaining weight. Athena milk contains anti-oxidants like Vitamins A, E and Zinc that boosts our immune system and purifies our skin cells. 

I would like to recommend Athena Milk for Women especially for the new moms who had newborn babies. I guess, women will agree that giving birth is tiring and makes our energy low. What they need is the Athena Milk for Women, to gain-back the strength and energy.