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Julie Vega - Child Star of the 70's

julie vega

Here's a blog I bumped on while browsing the Internet, it's  JULIE VEGA!!! Yehey!!!  Her real life name is Julie Pearl Darling Apostol Postigo. She was the child star of the '70s era, a darling of the cinema. She died at the age of 16 that shook her fans.

Oh, I had a photo like this but I left it in Cavite. At the back of the photo, Julie wrote a message for Lola Tita. Actually, I asked it from my Lola Tita (my grandmother's sister)

Actually, in the past months, I was browsing for photos of Julie Vega, and wondering if there's a summary of her past movie like "Ang Mga Mata ni Angelita". Reminiscing the past, I know little from her until my father told me she was my relative (distant). I don't know how or what links we had from our ancestors.

One time, she had a concert in Iligan City - the venue was in MSU-IIT's Stadium. Like all entertainers who had concerts will have a Road Tour around the city. We were on St. Michael's College (Quezon City) building that time, having class. We heard fan shouts and thumping of feet. The class was stopped and we ran to the rail of the building. There, I saw only Julie's hands waving to her fans. A lot of people were out on the streets cheering her. I wanted to shout, but no words will come out. I turned my back because my tears are starting to fall. Maybe, it is the blood (relation) that surge up.

When I went home, my father told me to change because we are going to Kiwalan. We lived in Sta. Filomena before coming to Kiwalan. He brought me to Purok 4 to meet Julie Vega's mother whom I called as Auntie Pearl. My father has exchange pleasantries with her and introduced me. Julie wasn't around. We went home without meeting her. I had no regrets. I am very happy knowing she was my cousin is already a fulfillment!