Traditional Engagement Invites of Basic Invites

Come to think of a traditional engagement invites  made of font style, paper style, and color! In some instances, engagement is a casual and friendly environment. The engagement party expenses are shoulder by the bride or groom's parents. But, this depends on what both parents come into agreement. Through the years, knowing the traditional wedding formality help us understand how to handle each invitation. Make sure she likes the way you deliver the engagement proposal.
After the engagement party, we are going to prepare for the wedding. It includes the most vital part, which is wedding invitation cards. A wedding invitation card sets the mood of your visitors who are expecting and excited on your wedding day. It gives them an idea of what to prepare for your big day. To do this, you need a card that is intricately and uniquely design from Basic Invites.

About Basic Invites
Basic Invites is a digital and stationery card that provides and customizes an invitation card for life occasions such as engagement party, wedding, graduation, and many more. It is based in Utah by an eager and aspiring entrepreneur named Brock Bacik, who made it grow for over the past 13 years. It grows and attracts several clients in and out of the country. So, what makes it unique among the rest? Here are the reasons why:

Screenshot from Basic Invite
Splash of Colors
The color is important for your wedding invites. It conveys, inspire and make your guests excited for this memorable event. For over 160 colors above, you have a chance to choose your favorite color as your motif or theme. Make it stand out, make it one of a kind.

Wedding Font Style
I am particular about the wedding font style. It gives a lasting impression from the guests. I'm pleased that Basic Invite has calligraphic and script font style choices. As an encoder, I love to play different font styles that suit the color of a wedding invites before showing it to my customers for approval.

Types of Paper
The paper or card used in the wedding invites shows a huge role. It plays a big part in the intricate design and other pieces. It makes a big difference in choosing the appropriate paper. Now, the Basic Invite has four paper types. These are signature matte cards, smooth-coated cards, premium shimmer, and premium double thick. After you customize it, you can order a fully customized sample which includes, the different types of paper.

Are you ready to create a wedding invitation? It’s easy! Visit their page and start customizing your wedding invitation.

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