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Knowing how to manage finances or be economically wise is one of the parent's dreams for any child or kids. 

Learning at a young age helps them develop essential skills and knowledge that can benefit their lives. It helps them understand the value of money, how to manage it, and how to make sound financial decisions. 

In addition, it teaches them about entrepreneurship and the importance of hard work, creativity, and problem-solving skills in achieving success. Aside from empowerment, it makes them create well-informed decisions about their finances and future goals.

I searched on Google for online free-to-play games for kids. There I found Mortgage Calculator with loads of video games to choose from and play. I want to try and play it all. But I have something else to do, maybe next time  I will do it. As of now, I only choose two games to play:

full downtown
Downtown is full of buildings or structures

(1) Lego City Aventures Build and Protect

As we all know, Lego is popular among kids and adults because it is a flexible and value-based idea of construction toys. Also, it enables a technique to control some abilities such as problem-solving and understanding semi, complex and structural tasks. In this game, we'll be helping Mayor Solomon Fleck to build from a small downtown and make it bigger. Here is what I observed in the game:

  • Mayor Solomon Fleck will help and guide you as a beginner in building structures. 
  • Every structure you build earns money to pay for taxes, except the police and hospital buildings.
  • When you construct a building, you will pay and shovel around to look for bricks (Blueprint) until you find and complete the required number. 
  • Lieutenant Duke Detain will pop up and urge you to click to catch a criminal or thief. Then you will earn a reward for being a hero - more coins.
  • Fire Chief Freya Mcloud alerts and guide you to click when a building is on fire. Then, you will become a hero and earns a reward.
  • When the Downtown is full of buildings, you can buy another place for progress.

borough unlocked
Downtown is full of buildings, I was able to unlocked another district - Borough.

I thought it was tough collecting coins after building a lot of structures. But I was wrong. You have to click the coinage (that shows plus sign) on the lower left portion of the website to get all the coins.

(2) Ben 10 Omnicode

I chose Ben 10 Omnicode because I watched Ben 10 on TV when I was little. Also, I went to school to learn basic coding for two years before I kept it inside a box. Even if it's inside the box, I am grateful that I still read the basic codes until now.

Back to the game, a player should have analytical skills, not only for reading the codes. I called my son to play the game. I want to see if he has the skills and the interest in coding. I let him sit on my lap and took pictures behind him.

ben 10
My son playing Ben 10 while sitting on my lap.

And the result?

ben 10 levels

He ended up from Level 1 to Level 10. Gosh, how my thigh hurts. My baby is not a baby anymore.

Overall, Mortgage Calculator offers many online video games that teach kids; and young at heart who want to learn the aspects and facets of money management - personal and business

As parents, your kids can play, but they still need guidance and explanation about a game. I saw Cooking Mahjong and Mahjong Solitaire. After you explain the pros and cons, it is up to them to decide whether to play or not play. When they grow up, they will face this game with their friends. Honestly, I prefer the latter - not play.

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