How to Buy Shapewear for Novice

Summer is here, and you're probably thinking about how to stay cool during those hot days. If you're new to the world of shapewear, it can be a little intimidating. You've got your bathing suit on, but now what?

Shapewear for women is the perfect solution! It helps flatten your stomach, lift your butt, and conceal every area that might be too flat or saggy. But finding the right shapewear can be tricky--if you don't know what shapewear you have or how to wear it correctly, it could look like a costume instead of helping you look like yourself. So, here are some tips:

1. Start with the basics. 
If you are looking for basic and comfortable, try getting a pair of Spanx or other compression garments. These will help keep you in shape and better for your bodysuit to breathe.

2. Know your size
Before buying anything new, take off all your old clothes. It won't gravitate if they wash it. Then measure yourself at the fullest part of each area where you want the best shapewear (underbust, hips/thighs). 

Think about what size fits best on your body type. It will help determine how much shapewear will suit those areas and how much material you need if there is extra space after measuring (like when buying a pair of jeans, for example).

3. Choose materials wisely
Don't just go with cotton unless you know what shape you have because some fabrics can pull tighter than others. I think it depends on the material you choose.

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4. Get creative with prints!
You can find any cool designs online that will make your outfit stand out from the crowd (and maybe even make it look better). Aside from the prints, you can let them create a custom logo waist trainer

5. Buy what works best for your body type!
Don't forget that no two bodies are alike--so don't feel like you have to buy something just because someone else did! Instead, get to know your own body (type and figure) and what works best for you! Keep an open mind when trying different things.

Think about how much time you'll be wearing it each day before deciding whether or not it's worth investing in one piece of shapewear or wholesale shapewear over another. Don't forget about comfort and fit while wearing it.

Shapewear should be snug enough that they don't sag or ride up while wearing it but not so tight that they restrict your movement (this is especially important if someone has larger hips). The last thing we want is for someone's hips to look like they are in a straitjacket!

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