New Family Home Design in Diagram

Infographic created by Millbrook Modular Homes, a multi commercial modular home provider

As a first-time homeowner, think about purchasing land and building a residence in an area where crime is less and more friendly neighbours. Following a few steps to the infographic above for home design and location will save you time and money.

Home Design Elements

  1. House size and lay-outs that can accomodate future needs.
  2. Floor plan locations of bedrooms, bathrooms, etsetera
  3. Carpeting is softer, safer, more comfortable for children.
  4. Large kitchen for meal prep cooking, homework, gathering
  5. Bathroom with tubs and or adjustable shower heads for kids
  6. Dedicated storage space for children's toys, sports equipment
  7. Play or activity room where kids can make noise
  8. Designated private workspace, home, office for parents
  9. Multifunctions space (s) where family can congregate
  10. Utility mudroom for boots, outdoor gear keeps the home cleaner
  11. Stairs that can be gated to help prevent toddler accidents
  12. Avoid water features unless they can be gated and locked
  13. Fenced in backyard visible from inside for safety and security
  14. Size of backyard for future swing set or swimming pool

Neighborhood Elements
  1. Community type (family-oriented/rural/suburban/usban)
  2. Neighborhood location and length of commute to the job
  3. Strong sense of community (family-friendly neighborhood activities
  4. Type of street (low traffic, quiet side street or cul-de-sac is safest)
  5. Sidewalks for safe walking, running, bike riding, playing
  6. Recreational amenities (parks, museums, gyms, pools)
  7. Quality and location of public schools in the district
  8. Number of children living in the neighborhood
  9. Library location, size, availability of children's programs
  10. Family-friendly shopping areas
  11. General (not specialty) grocery stores
  12. Access to good health care and hospitals
  13. Low crime rate

I hope it helps you during the formation of your new dream house and choosing the proper location.

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