Is Living in the South America Unique?

Atlanta Downtown in Georgia
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America is an incredible and vast country that has so many different regions that each have their own unique personality: and the South is possibly the best known of all of them. 

From the welcoming southern attitude towards guests to the far more interesting weather than many other portions of the country have, there are plenty of reasons why the South is catching people's imagination.

These are the top reasons anyone should consider moving to the South!

More Land on Most Properties
Because there's so much land to build on here, and the property is often cheap when it's purchased, the average property in the South has more space than you'd find in areas in the north or west. 

This means that buying land here allows you to spread out further and enjoy a full yard, and a large home, for a fraction of the cost that you'd find it for anywhere else.
Fantastic Warmer Winters
The winter is something that disillusions many northerners every year.  The moment the gray clouds roll in, and the snow starts to turn to gray slush on the roads, the dream of warmer weather comes to mind.  This dream is good, especially since the South is known for having such amazing winters.

Little Rock houses for sale rarely have to see temperatures drop below freezing, ensuring that snow is a rare and delightful occurrence instead of a pain that makes you shovel the sidewalk every day.

More to Do Outside
There’s far more to do in the South, where cities are separated by deep lush forests than there is to do in other parts of the country.  States like Georgia have it all, from rock climbing to white water rafting and even gorgeous beaches where wild horses roam.  

Every state in the South has a wonderful selection of outdoor activities that will allow you to find a perfect balance between work and play.

Better Food and Cultural Intrigue
The food in the South is world-famous, influencing so much that even Japan eats KFC as a Christmas treat every year because of the amazing flavor.  The incredible food of the South is an extension of the culture here, the welcoming warmth that ensures you'll feel at home the moment you arrive.

The South has a nostalgic factor to it, even if you're not from the South, that says you can slow down and enjoy a hot meal before you get back to the rush of daily life.
The Long and Interesting History
The South's history has been a hot topic for the whole four hundred years since it became a colony.  The history stretches back beyond this, though, with indigenous people calling this land home for thousands of years before anyone else ever arrived.  Because of this, the history of the area is interesting to learn. 

Freckled with battlegrounds, filled with museums, artifacts, and interesting roadside signs informing you what happened here, it's a great place to learn the incredible past of this country.

Moving to the South Should be Everyone’s Choice
Although it falls in and out of favor as a destination to move to, it should always be one of the first places someone considers when they're ready to roll.  Property is cheaper here, food is better, and it has a culture that can't be replicated.

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