How You Can Overcome Social Anxiety

You likely have a social anxiety disorder if you experience extreme fear and apprehension in social situations. Being in such situations will typically leave you dizzy, trembling, and scared of rejection or criticism. According to data from Mental Health America, 15 million American adults have a social anxiety disorder. This condition can be quite limiting, so it is prudent to combat it to function better in your daily life. Below are some effective ways to overcome your social anxiety.

1. See A Therapist


A reported 13% of American adults said they were seeing a therapist or counselor in 2018. Several individuals embrace therapy to manage various mental health conditions, from depression to generalized anxiety disorder. Therefore, you can also see a great therapist to help you work through your social phobia. It is crucial to understand that social anxiety is a mental health condition that transcends mere shyness or feeling uneasy. As such, you will likely struggle to overcome it alone, so professional support is crucial. A trained therapist can help you identify your triggers and teach helpful relaxation techniques and coping strategies. Also, they can help you reframe negative thoughts and recommend support groups to practice social skills and gradually overcome your anxiety.

2. Improve Your Appearance

Many people dread social situations because of common issues with their appearance. It is understandable to want to retreat into your shell if you are missing a tooth or two, balding, or putting on excess weight. However, it is best to tackle these tiny issues with your appearance for a longer-lasting solution to your social anxiety. For instance, consider getting dental implants to replace missing teeth. This way, you can restore your smile and no longer have to feel self-conscious in social settings. Similarly, hair loss treatment can rejuvenate your balding hair and make you less anxious about interacting with others.

3. Role-play with Trusted People

Simulations can also help you overcome your social anxiety, so keep this in mind. You can ask a trusted family member or friend to role-play some common conversations with you. For example, you can tackle the scenario of looking for an item at the drugstore and having to explain what you are searching for to the clerk. Also, you can work on how to react when you are asked a question or corrected in public. This way, you will practice diverse ways to get through various types of social interactions and negative outcomes ahead of time. As such, you will be more prepared to handle them when they pop up in real-time social interactions.

4. Burn off adrenaline before social events


Your body releases adrenaline, the "fight-or-flight" hormone, anytime you get anxious. This adrenaline rush makes you tense and overly stressed, leading to concentration problems, trouble sleeping, and many more. Therefore, try to release as much adrenaline as possible before attending social events. You can tire yourself out with chores or workout sessions. This way, you can burn off excess adrenaline and better regulate your nervous system to feel less anxious in social situations.

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