A Painful Relationship Story during Pandemic

Each of us faces different struggles during the start of the ECQ or Enhanced Quarantine Period. Pandemic has given me an enormous bogged-me-down personal problem. It has given me pain and anxiety when my partner has another woman that started during the third month of the ECQ in 2020. He asked for an apology, so I forgave him at that time. I thought that he might change and won't do it again.

Unfortunately, he isn't. I found out late that they joined a group tour to a campsite as a couple. Also, I found a video of them together and holding each other's hands. I learned all these things when I tried to be a Detective Conan. Funny, but it is true. When we suspect something fishy, as partner or wife, we know something is different.  

To cut the story short, we almost ended our relationship. Something happened! When it was time to say our goodbyes, a large chunk of credit cut his salary. Both of us have no finances. He can't go anywhere. I failed to get a job that might relocate me to another place.

So, I crossed my fingers and decided to give ourselves a chance. The bitter truth is it is against my will. I did suffer emotionally, psychologically, and struggled. The pain and anxiety speak louder than my movements. Also, he was thinking about our son. Eventually, I tried to clear my mind to think of what to do and cross my fingers. Here are the things that I'm starting to do now.

It is not quick and easy to lose weight. So, I used this weight loss conversion tool that I found on the website culinaryschools.org . It's a calculator that assesses how far I need to go on my weight loss journey.
weight conversion tool

I input a couple of information above, such as age, weight, and height. The result is I'm a class 2 obese person. That's not all! The result will show you your daily nutrition needs and BMI, calories, workout calories till you reach your goal. They will guide you on what to do to enhance your daily workout routine.

That's a lot to lose. Guess I have to keep on pushing myself to exercise.

A friend told me that I'm a gamer and strong who doesn't sway with the issues and bullies. I told him this is real-life unlike, online games it is not real. He said, play and pour out all your wrath in the game. His advice is to play or do something that'll keep my mind busy. Instead of overthinking about the issues that will make it more painful. Do something! 

Why not? But I am not yet prepared to face them. So, I click the link and browse the Free Online Kids Cooking Games. This game has a lot to show off for the kids to learn. Just imagine! It has 150 games collection to familiarize them with kitchen and culinary arts skills. Guess what? I'm playing the Tom and Jerry Show River Recycle. 

It is not part of culinary art skills. But, it teaches a child the 3R's of waste management such as Reduce (waste), Reuse (materials), and Recycle (products and other resources).  

Honestly, I don't give time to care for myself. No makeups, no lotions, and messy-hair-don't-care set-up. Just like that. What happened was a turning point for me to think about myself. It's time for me to start caring and loving myself. So, I went to a salon for a trim, hair color, and hair rebonding.

hair treatment
Before and after photos of my hair from Keybella Saloon

There are other things that I'd like to do. But, these are all I can share with you this time. 

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