The World of Blogging


Blogging had recreated my life after I went downhill. I lost my mother from cervical cancer, no job and penniless. I move out of a boarding house to live with my boyfriend, who's now my partner. At that time, he worked in an Internet shop and had given me a computer to use.

Starting A Blog
When I start a blog, I have zero knowledge about it. A friend had guided me into it. 

I start by creating an account in an easy blogging platform for a beginner that is Blogspot.  Since I am full of baggage myself, I began to write about my personal life. In this way, it'll help me unload the heavy burden. Also, it is my way to experiment and explore my prowess in writing. The words will flow as smoothly as you write. I wrote and published content on my website.

Learning Process
Being a blogger is a learning process. You do more than writing and publishing an article. I learn to search, buy website templates for blogger, upload and edit the layout. I learned to read and edit simple HTML codes. Create a social media network, promote and engage with some of the readers.

Find Your Niche
Mostly, this is the first question for a blogger - What's your niche? A niche is like a hobby or interests that you want to talk about to your friend. In blogging, it is to write, published and share your interests with your readers. One example is Daniela Titiun, who is fond of tea. Her fondness for tea leads her to write about tea and tea reviews.  Her blog is Te Cachai. She's a crafter and loves to travel.

domain name

Domain Name
Aside from my niche, I am asked, "What is your domain name?". For every beginner, it is hard to understand. Well, maybe, I'm absent from my computer class lessons. Seriously, I forgot about the technical word and its meaning after all the years that I study it. 

Firstly, don't make mistakes in choosing your domain name as I do. I did make a mistake with the blogspot extension. But if you buy a domain name, you cannot replace it. 

Now, to choose a domain name, simplify the words.  Make it easy to read, spell and pronounced. Use a short and unique term. Have your style as what they say. Always use the top-level domain extension .com.

Join A Community and Influencer Marketing Agency
I encourage you to join the community and explore it. Make friends with a handful of bloggers. Some will share, give you tips and pieces of advice. 

Signed up and join a program organized by an influencer marketing agency where influencers and brands meet, learn and create a discussion for a possible collaboration.

If chosen, the brand will contact you directly or the agency where you signed up to review or promote the product. The brand will pay you for publishing it on your blog. Be it in cash or products.

In general, you can monetize your blog. It can help you place food on your table. First, focus on writing and building your blog for six months before diving into monetization. Help yourself to learn and grow with your audience. 

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