5 DIY Home Decorations for Homeowners on a Budget

home decor

Designing your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune! If you just look hard enough, there are plenty of affordable decorations you can do yourself! Aside from them being one of a kind, they’re a great conversation starter whenever family and friends come over.

Add personal touches to your home with DIY decorations. Check out these five home decorations, perfect for homeowners on a tight budget.

1. Repurpose Your Old Chinaware as Pots
Here’s to plant moms and dads out there! Do you have old chinaware that you don’t use anymore? Don’t throw them out yet — they go perfectly with your plants! Simply drill some holes at the bottom for the water to flow, and you’re good to go.

Print, Frame, and Hang Your Favorite Shot
Bring out the artsy in you! Display your best shot from your camera roll. Simply print the photo and frame it. No need for fancy paper, just the usual bond paper will do. Once done, hang it to give life to your bare walls.

Light up Your Home With Your Old Bowls
Remember those translucent bowls when you were a kid? If you don’t use them anymore, it’s the perfect chance to use them in your lighting. With only simple paint and electrical jobs, you can turn them into a fancy chandelier in your living or dining area.

Create a Side Table From Dusty Books
Almost every Pinoy kid back then knows those thick encyclopedias with several editions. With the rise of the internet, they’re now left in the cupboards to collect dust — but it doesn’t have to be! You can stack them together, nail them, and secure them to a tabletop to create your nerdy yet fashionable side table. 

5. Turn Old Furniture Pieces Into a Bench or a Table
Are you replacing your wooden bed or cabinetries? If they’re still in good condition, turn them into a bench or table. It may take some knowledge and know-how to accomplish this DIY project; but once you get the hang of it, you can give new life to your old furniture pieces in no time.

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