Budgeting Made Easy: How Pigly Lessens the Burden of Calculating Expenses

Budget planning has always been a heavy load for everyone. Especially during these unprecedented times, we budget our finances carefully and surely as the economy continues to plummet down.

The pandemic has put a halt to a lot of businesses, work, and even education. It causes the unemployment rate jumped to 17.7 per cent in the quarter of June 2020.  The highest job rate on record that led to business closures. However, the burden of planning for the unforeseeable future will always be there. Being financially ready for everything is still a must.

Of course, a lot of people would find budgeting as a tedious and stressful process. So, every day, we continue to find ways to make handling our assets free from hassle as possible. Thankfully, Pigly not just makes the job easy for us, but also fun.

What is Pigly?
Pigly, a new website that offers a lot of free online calculators for your daily financing needs. It helps us do an online calculation on budgetting, financial plans, and many others.

The calculators provide users the best service and accuracy. They even continuously update and add features based on the user’s feedback. It’s easy to use, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing as well. The photo below is one of the online calculator for savings.

Savings Calculator
I have been trying to save up these days just for any day expenses. I'm thankful that my husband did not lose his job. However, I find it pretty hard to keep track of the things I save. Despite being very willing, I try my best to prepare myself for some bills that I might not anticipate.

Thankfully, with Pigly’s savings calculator, I was able to calculate the amount I save with minimum effort. All I did was fill-up the information needed, and they would do the job for you. It’s effortless, reliable, and beginner-friendly too.

Family Budget Planning Calculator
As I was trying to explore some more features, I stumbled upon their budget calculator and decided to give it a try.

Just like the savings calculator, it's easy to use. Filling out the information needed was quick as well. It provides an estimate of your income and suggests a budgetary outline fit for it. The percentages may be set based on your income, but you can change it to your liking.

Dave Ramsey inspired these guidelines, a known businessman.

Additional Features
Aside from their helpful calculators, Pigly also provides information and tips to make your budgeting easygoing and practical. These tips can be found just below your chosen budget calculator. It features strategies, tips, and tricks that are proven to be effective. Reading up on the additional information can not only make you a realistic budget planner, but it can also educate you about the trends in the finance world.

Just as we thought it could not be any more fun, Pigly also features an enjoyable game that the users can play. To play, shoot the coin to the piggy bank, avoiding as many obstacles as possible. It is fun and also free!

Final Thoughts
Overall, Pigly helped my financial budgeting significantly less stressful. It is easy, fun, and beautifully planned. I would recommend it to everyone to try because it saves time in your financial plans.

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  1. I had never used Pigly before (of heard of it!), but I am excited to use it!