The Story of My Broken Heart Tattoo

Tattooing a part of my body is not my thing. Although, my cousins and little brother have it, I do not have it. And then something happened in my life that had changed my mind. At that time, my heart is full of pain that I do not know what to do with it.

It so happened that a neighbor asked a Tattoo artist for home service. That's when I decide to have a tattoo. I choose a little broken heart on my right hand. It was like putting all the pain I felt in it.
The Story
Every morning, my partner would stare at me and say, "I love you" , before he goes out to work. So, I smiled and say nothing in return. I did not say anything because I want to say it with my heart, though. It really baffles me at that time. Well, we do exchange I-love-you's but not frequently.

In the month of March, the government announced the start of ECQ or Enhanced Community Quarantine. It was in the afternoon that he called me up. He informed me that the manager/admin does not want him to go home. But, he insist to call and inform me. 

I found out that my partner had a flirty conversation with his female co-worker. After reading it, my hands were trembling. My heart was aching. I feel the soreness in my heart. I tried to take a screenshot of the conversation even if my hand trembled. But he deleted it before I had a chance to do it all. I read all their conversation.

It pained me. I tried to screen shot their conversation but my hands were shaking. I tried to talk to him and lay the cards but he denied it and lied. It makes me flare-up that I lose my cool - broke a chair and punched a wall. 

My son sees it. He cried and that made me stop on my tracks.

This is the reason why I asked the tattoo artist to ink me a broken heart on my right hand. It is a reminder of how painful and sore my heart is.

What had happened had made me feel sad and depressed. Whenever he goes to work, I feel  Life has to move on, I have to live with it. Based on the quote that I read from the Typewriter's Voice, it says, "You should learn how to comfort your own self because no one will do it for you."

Let me share this to you:
When your man all of a sudden would whisper "I love you" every day before he goes to work.  Be careful!

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