Polished Concrete Floors – The Latest Trends for Flooring

A polished concrete floor
Polished concrete floors have been here for a while but have become a preferred choice in recent years for commercial and residential flooring solutions.  The polished micro-cement is fast gaining popularity as it demonstrates the timeless benefits of aesthetic beauty and inexpensive maintenance. After all, it is hard to resist the smooth and shiny finish as well as the convenience of easy maintenance.  So, how does one that polished look on the concrete floor? Read on to find out more.

The Polished Concrete Floor
Is a concrete floor that has been specially treated with chemicals and then ground. After using a chemical densifier to fill in those holes and pores of the concrete floor, it is sanded or grounded just like wood to get that smooth look. The quality of finish rises with the higher number of grit range.

However, it’s worth noting, if you’re changing your flooring, you might also need to change your skirting boards to match, or to correct the difference in flooring height. For example, MDF skirting boards might be the best option to pair with a concrete flooring as you can’t paint them to match and they're very hard wearing. 

  • When comparing the costs of polished concrete floors to others, the good news is that while the flooring may look expensive, it is one of the most affordable flooring options. 
  • The polished concrete floor price is similar or even lower than those of linoleum, vinyl, and wall-to-wall carpeting floors. And it is a lot less expositive than natural stone and wood flooring. 
  • Moreover, customs can enjoy new floor designs that look rustic and yet modern too. Thanks to the recent innovations, one finds endless choices and options in different kinds of hues, polishes, and finishes on concrete floors. The smooth, hard surface and the texture of the polished concrete make it easier for people to maintain the gloss and style of the overall flooring system. 

Different Options in Polished Concrete Floors
Today, one comes across a stunning range of options and choices on these floors. One can use stains and dyes to get a different look in the polished concrete. Those colorful stains will not only change the color of the concrete floor but alter its feel too. There are endless options available in polished concrete floors finishes. Moreover, you can choose the level of sheen and keep it at soft satin look to a high-gloss finish, based on your taste and aesthetic requirements. It is the versatility and the affordability that make polished concrete the leading choice as flooring materials.

Balcony Polished Flooring
Benefits of Having Polished Concrete Floors

Here are some of the key benefits that one enjoys once they get the polished concrete floor installed.

  • Very Affordable - As the polished concrete floors costs are low in comparison to other floorings, it makes for a preferred choice among customers.
  • Less Maintenance - As polished concrete floors are easy to clean, they can be maintained with ease, and all one needs to do is use a damp cloth to mop the floor. You can easily use these floors for exterior home decoration, feature walls, and patio floors as and when required. Simple wiping, cleaning or mopping with the help of a broom and floor cleaner can keep the floors shining as ever. 
  • Resistant and Durable - The polished concrete floors are resistant to high foot traffic and will take years to wear down.
  • Resistant to Moisture - As the polished concrete allows the floor to breathe; it eliminates the issues of moisture and stains. Polished concrete floors can be very expensive at times, as they need to be maintained well, especially when it comes to the cementing and the joint part. 

The commercial and residential polished concrete floors are sustainable flooring alternative and create a bright and clean image because of the higher reflectivity within the room. It is one of the few flooring options that meet your aesthetic, maintenance, and pocket requirements.

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