Simple Tips in Choosing a Door Handle

The door could be the most important aspect of any person at home. It opens and closes to welcome your visitors and give you privacy. That is why a door handle should be significant to the style and finishes of your door. Although a door handles have a wide range of materials, which include the knobs, lever, and locks.

When it comes to improving door handles, you need to carry out a well-considered plan for a better result. That is why, when I choose the door handles, I consider these things:

There are a lot of styles for door handles. But, most of the time, I consider first the design of a door. Whether its traditional, innovative, or modern design, the handle should fit in every angle of the room and the floor.

Types of  Door Handle
There are three types of door handles: the lever handle, pull handle, and doorknobs.

  • A lever handle is for home, industrial and government facilities. It is horizontal that is attached to a door that enables you to open and close by pushing down the lever.
  • A doorknob is a conventional design that you will rotate or turn the knob to open.
  • Pull Handle - It is a bar fitted to a door and based on its name, you have to pull the handle to open the door. It is suitable for internal and external use.
  • Handlesets adds an eye-catching, fancy design for the front door. It includes an exterior handle, a thumb-operated latch, and a matching deadbolt. If you are looking for door hardware, check out the Door handlsets from They will provide you with various door handle sets in different styles and shapes. 

 With all the types and finishes, which one do you like best?

Today, a door has different paint colors. If you choose door hardware, make sure it complements with your front door color for a lasting impression.

For every home improvement and hardware to buy, you have to set a budget. For me, I always scour the aisle of a hardware store for styles that catch my eye and its price. It is easy to start fixing if you have a budget to spend!

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