Do You Consider Yourself a Smart Shopper?

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In my younger days, I consider shopping for my goods as a past time.. some sort of a "me" time, where I can go out of the house and enjoy the mall ambiance and scout for goods that I need. I also didn't consider the amount I spent, even for items that I don't need.

All this changed when I became older and started to pay more attention to how I spend my money. As a result, I became a wise and smart shopper. I have learned through the years that you can shop products you need and want and stay within your budget. Also as I got older, the way I shopped changed. Instead of hitting the malls, I hit the web! In just a few clicks, I can get access to tons of products and still have a little "me" time. With the dawn of internet shopping, what has become a very helpful tool for my shopping urges are product review sites. These sites have become very valuable to me as an avid shopper because it allows me to check and compare prices from one store to another, check out the product reviews, and customer satisfaction ratings before you purchase it on your favorite shops.

For me, the importance of product reviews is to build the trust and confidence in a product. I never go for a famous brand in the market, especially with electronic products- price, quality, and product likability plays a big part when I decide on purchasing. I can find an off-brand or lesser known brand product that has positive reviews and reliability for significantly less than what big name brand cost.

Websites such as Consumer Reports, and even Amazon reviews provide listing of brands and product reviews. On these websites, I found all the brands that I've been looking for quite some time. Some of them are my favorite brands- most especially the home and kitchen product section. Using this sites, I got the information I needed for a new coffee maker by Cuisinart. It was rated and reviewed more than 3,300+ linking to the online store, Amazon. Added to it is the basic product information for the customer to get them an idea of the item, that simple!

Because of this sites, I can call myself a smart shopper.

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  1. Hahahaha no. I am an impulsive shopper. I try to be a bit wise though