Insanely Clever And Practical Updates You Can Add To Your Home

Nobody enjoys a home upgrade more than a homeowner. When you own a property, it’s virtually impossible to eliminate the urge to renovate. After all, adding more value is healthy for your bottom line, and it makes the house more palatable to live in. And, a home has to be welcoming, or else it loses most of its appeal.

Usually, though, homeowners fall into the trap of adding style over substance. While it’s something that grabs attention, and potential buyers might be interested, too, the attitude isn’t practical. What you need are clever and functional updates that transform the property. Plus, they’re eye-catching!

Here are four that are well worth considering in any home.

A ‘Library’ Mailbox
Okay, it isn’t a typical library where you can go in and rent books at affordable prices. Instead, it’s a mailbox that is bigger than the average and holds a lot more stuff as a result. First and foremost, a library mailbox means you can fit more letters in the space, and won’t have to make regular trips back and forth from the house. It’s not nice in the dead of winter! Secondly, it’s roomy enough to house parcels that might otherwise go back to the depot. Therefore, a small wooden house for your mail prevents you from organizing a day off work to ensure your package arrives safely.

In-Wall Drying Racks
A lack of space is a feature of lots of modern homes. It’s as if the new builds aren’t created with 21st-century requirements in mind. So, it’s not uncommon to curse your property as you attempt to unload the washing machine and fill the dryer. If only there were another way to clean clothes quickly! There is - an in-wall drying rack. By taking a kitchen cupboard and installing bars where the glass should be, you can hang clothes to dry. Plus, it folds away to save space. Amazing!

A Several-Headed Showerhead
A showerhead with many heads might sound as if it wastes more water and harms the planet. However, this isn’t the case. Depending on the size of the fittings, you can use less water in the morning. Practicality-wise, this means that high bills and blocked drains will be things of the past. That’s what happens when you cut back on H2O. Yet, the quality of your shower won’t decrease. Even though there is less agua coming through the showerhead, the fact it comes from different directions feels more luxurious and warming.

Recessed Outlets
Outlets are essential because you must have plug-in points for your appliances. Considering the average home has plenty of belongings, powerful outlets are more important than ever. Still, they don’t need to be as awkwardly shaped. If anything, the ones that protrude out are more hassle than they are helpful. Thankfully, recessed charge points are streamlined, allowing you to rearrange your furniture to save extra space. Also, changing the layout of a room is an excellent and affordable option if you don’t want to splash out on full renovation.

These are my top tips for clever and practical home updates. What are yours?!

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