5 Things You Can Improve with Shop Lights

For those who spend a great deal of time in the garage or shed, you’ve probably complained a time or two about the poor lighting in the space. Maybe the lack of light prevented you from seeing down into your car’s engine bay or halts woodworking projects after sundown. You know better lighting is necessary, but what kind and where to find it? What you need is overhead shop lighting, which is designed to illuminate any area you wish. With shop lights from companies like Warehouse-Lighting, you can choose the perfect type for your needs, including linear strip lights, UFO low and high bays, round low and high bays, and more. There are tons of tasks that increased illumination can make easier, safer, and more efficient! Here are five things that shop lights can improve on with better visibility.

Vehicular Repairs and Modification
Say you’re in the garage working under the hood of your car or rotating your tires. With the effects of poor lighting, how can you expect to get the job done quickly and safely? When you replace poor lighting with quality shop lights, like high or low bays (depending on your ceiling height), you’ll be blown away at the stark difference it makes. You’ll be able to clearly see all the screws, wiring, and more so you can stay safe while making repairs or carrying out regular vehicle maintenance.

A good lighting is incredibly beneficial for detailing your cars. In low light, it’s so easy to miss faint dings and scratches. There’s nothing worse than thinking you took care of all the unsightly marks in your paint just to take it outdoors and see you missed a handful. With shop lights, you’ll be able to find all the things you missed so your vehicle’s paint looks excellent out of your garage or shop.

Metal and Wood Projects
Are you a crafter that works with wood, metal, or other materials? Perhaps you own a wood or metal-working shop. Whatever the case, the tools needed to cut, build, and fabricate with these materials means you need bright light throughout the space. You can easily install shop lighting for over your work benches and areas, so you and/or your employees can safely carry out builds with less error as a result of poor lighting. If you already have shop lighting, but it doesn’t offer as much coverage as you need, you can either add more of what you have or switch up the type you use.

Processing Wild Game 
If you’re a hunter and use your shed or garage to process game, low lighting won’t help you much at all. After a day of hunting and you come home to get started on processing your deer, turkey, or other game animal, you don’t want to do this with a few measly lights. To get the most out of it and keep your space as clean as you can, you’ll need full coverage lighting. Shop lights can provide this for you, helping you see exactly where you’re cutting so as to not be wasteful.

At-Home Gym
Use your garage or shed as your own private gym? When you flip on the lights, is it too dim in there? Poor lighting in these types of areas could be trouble when you trip over a weight or accidentally miss the rungs to rerack a barbell. With shop lighting like high bays, you can totally light up the space so you can train safely. Plus, with good lighting, those gym selfies will be awesome!

General Space Clean-Up 
Generally speaking, shop lights can help in all sorts of ways. One of the largest is being able to thoroughly clean your space up no matter what you use it for. They’ll improve on your cleanliness when you’re able to spot piles of dust, dirt, wood shavings, or whatever else you could have accumulated over time.

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