How To Make Your Home Look And Feel Elegant

The homes that we admire in interior design magazines are often quite different to our own. Family homes often have to focus on being practical rather than beautiful, but there are lots of ways that you can add in some elegant touches to your home through your decor, without sacrificing on having a home that works well for your family.

Choose Hardwood Floors
Carpeting throughout might be warm and soft, but hardwood looks a lot more elegant, especially when you choose a finish that shines. Hardwood is classic, and should be viewed as an investment. Hardwood is long-lasting and will look beautiful for a long time to come if you choose a quality wood. To save some money, choose birch or oak, or go for cherry if you’re splashing out. A dark shade is chicer than a light one. Contemporary handmade rugs can be used on your wood floors to make a room feel warmer, and add some color to your decor.

Add Crown Moulding
If you want to make your home decor look more elegant, than you need to focus on the details. One of the easiest details to use to add elegance is with crown moulding. Crown moulding helps to make a room look more complete. The walls and ceiling are brought together for a more elegant appearance. Without it, a room can look cheap.

For maximum impact, choose a moulding that is wide. If you need to save some money on adding mouldings, choose a plastic, paintable version. Pick the wide trim and even a plastic moulding can look good. For an even more glamorous touch, add other kinds of moulding too, such as a high baseboard, beams, chair rails, or ceiling medallions. These details are usually found in more expensive homes, so adding them is immediately a sign of elegance.

Choose The Right Colors
If you’re making upgrades to your home, painting is one of the most obvious ways to go for an easy improvement. Choosing the right color to paint your walls is never easy, and it’s important to get right. Your wall color should inform the rest of the color palette in the room, and by choosing the right color, you can add instant chicness to your home.

Decide whether you want to opt for bold and dramatic shades, or a soft and understated palette. Either palette will add an elegant touch to your decor, whether you prefer the soft or the more dramatic style.

If you’re feeling brave, try painting the doors in your home black. Black interior doors have an expensive look. Tie the room together by adding some black accessories.

Add Pillows
Scattering pillows and cushions throughout your home can add some extra comfort and add some extra elegance to your design too. Pillows are a great way to layer in some cosiness to your home.

Choose large pillows for the maximum amount of comfort so guests can rest on them and relax. For throw pillows, go slightly larger than average and stuff with them with a pillow a size up from the pillowcase. Large, overstuffed pillows look and feel plush. Choose down-filled inserts for the most comfortable, elegant finish.

Choose Luxe Window Treatments
Window treatments are another important part of making a home look finished. Without them, your home will look bare, and like it isn’t ready yet. Window treatments not only add some privacy to your home, but they also can be used to add a touch of glamour.

The materials you choose are important. Unlined, cheap fabrics will never look expensive and should be avoided. See-through materials are also hard to make look good. You can buy off the rack curtains instead of spending money on custom options, as long as you choose an option made of good quality, thick fabric that hangs nicely.

Silk, linen and cotton will always look more expensive than man-made fabrics like polyester. If you don’t like the look of drapes, than choose something like wooden blinds or woven bamboo shades.

Add Unique Finishings
The finishing details of your home can make all the difference to how elegant your home feels. Choose the right details like hardware.

If you’re buying new hardware like drawer pulls or door handles, don’t buy mass produced cheap options from the hardware store. These pieces are poor quality and look cheap. Spend a little more for a more expensive, better quality pieces somewhere else. Smaller hardware stores, flea markets or antique stores are all great places to look. Pick something heavy duty, that looks expensive for a more unique, elegant finish.

Make A Difference With Lighting
When the contractors built your home, they probably used the same standard light fittings that they used on most of their other builds. Swapping your light fittings for a designer option will look more bespoke and unique, which is always elegant.

Look in flea markets and second-hand stores for more interesting options that will look good without blowing your budget. If you can’t swap out the fitting, switch to more elegant looking shades for a more expensive look.

Don’t rely on one overhead light, and instead have a few different light sources around the room, including table and floor lamps. This light is softer, and less glaring than an overhead light.

Add Accessories
Accessories are a cheap and easy way to add some more interesting touches to your home that add personality and elegance. Buying a few chic pieces can make a big difference.

Add some gold accents. Gold has long been associated with wealth and glamour, and a small amount can look very elegant. Don’t overdo it, as too much gold can instead end up looking tacky.

Small accents in gold like picture frames, mirrors or a sleek, streamlined end table with gold legs are an excellent choice.

Expensive looking pieces can be found in antique markets and online on selling websites, especially if you like a more vintage style. Buy cheap pieces and restore them for something unique.

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