How to Do Hong Kong All Over Again: 5 Tips for Pinoy Travelers Who've Done It All

Among Asian destinations, Hong Kong is a favorite of Pinoy travelers. It’s only a few hours away, it has plenty of attractions, and going there usually doesn’t require a huge budget at all. Airline companies and booking sites often conduct flight promos as well, enticing more bargain-loving Filipinos to book a Hong Kong tour package.

Indeed, Hong Kong is such a beloved destination that a lot of Pinoys have gone there multiple times. It’s nice, most definitely, but multiple visits may also mean you’ve run out of things to do. So how do you enjoy Hong Kong like it’s your first time? Here are a few tips and some destinations to consider.

Go Biking
Public transport in the Philippines is lackluster at best. That’s why many Filipinos take advantage of efficient train and subway systems and other modes of public transport when they visit countries like Hong Kong. However, as easy as it is to navigate Hong Kong through the MTR, buses, and mini buses, it’s much more enjoyable to bike around. One of the best places to do this is at New Territories, where the roads and traffic conditions are more bike-friendly. Moreover, the area has plenty of tourist attractions that you can easily reach through biking, like parks, temples, and traditional villages.

Enjoy Nature
Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis, an urban jungle with towering skyscrapers and world-class facilities. That’s why many tourists rarely get to appreciate the natural wonders that Hong Kong has in abundance. Here are just a few examples.

  • Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. Even those who aren’t interested in geology can appreciate the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region. The interesting landforms, especially the 140-million-year-old hexagonal rock columns in Sai Kung, are nothing short of awe-inspiring.
  • Peng Chau Island. Peng Chau is often called Hong Kong’s underdog island because it has a lot to offer, but only a few tourists know about it. It has a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for relaxation, while still having plenty of options for dining and exploration. Pass through the local market to get to the starting point of the trail walk, ending on a viewpoint where you can catch awesome vistas of the sea and city.
  • Pink Dolphin Sighting. Pink dolphins are a critically endangered species, with only 47 of them spotted from April 2017 to March 2018. This made pink dolphin sighting tours a sought-after activity over the years. Do a bit of research to ensure that you participate in an ethical sighting tour. This often takes half a day and, depending on the location, you’ll be able to see six up to a dozen dolphins at a time.

Look for Quiet Spots
Hong Kong is as touristy as it can get. This only means that your experience can quickly turn from pleasant into stressful, especially during peak season. Good thing that Hong Kong has a lot serene places where you can take a bit (or a lot) of quiet time for yourself. You just have to know where to look. One such place in Nan Lian Garden and the connecting Chi Lin Nunnery. It’s only about 5 minutes away from Diamond Hill Station, providing you with a peaceful oasis right in the middle of the city. Aside from the quiet, you can also explore the galleries here to know more about the history of Hong Kong. For Pinoys who love to snap photos, both the garden and the nunnery have beautiful architecture that’s very much Instagrammable.

Go on a Deeper Neighborhood Exploration
If you’ve been to Hong Kong a couple of times, most likely, you’ve already visited Victoria Peak. However, not many could say that they’ve also visited Victoria Peak Garden and Viewpoint, which is about 15 to 20 minutes away from the peak. Keep your eyes peeled because the path up to the viewpoint is not very visible. Once the path ends, you’ll reach the garden and a hill that you can climb further to get a panoramic view of Hong Kong. What’s great is that not many people go here, even if they know about it, so you’ll most likely be alone to appreciate the view.

Meanwhile, in Kowloon, you can find the colorful locale of Sham Shui Po. It’s one of the poorer districts in Hong Kong, but it’s definitely a great place for a more immersive experience. Head to the markets where you can shop for fresh produce, fish, and meat. You can also go on a food trip, sampling local fare from Kung Wo Tofu, Kwan Kee, and Michelin-starred like Tim Ho Wan. For a bit of affordable shopping, scour the streets since each one has a “specialty” product like food, clothes, decor, handicrafts, fabrics, and electronics.

Hunt for Street Art
Like other Asian cities (think Penang or even Taguig’s Bonifacio Global City), Hong Kong is also full of beautiful street art. The HKWALLS Street Art and Mural Festival has been conducting various events since 2014, cultivating the city’s lively street art scene. Some of the best streets and walls to visit are located in Central, Kwun Tong, Sheung Wan, and Wong Chuk Hang. To help you navigate, you can go to the website of HKWalls to download a map of the murals and art.

Hong Kong has many hidden gems that even the most experienced and frequent travelers may not be familiar with. Hopefully, this list can help you discover a side of Hong Kong that you haven’t seen yet.

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