Create An Effortless Garden With These Low Maintenance Plants


Managing a garden is a daunting task. If you have recently moved into a house for the first time and are looking to great stuck in with gardening, you’ll likely discover pretty quickly that you have no idea what you are looking at.

If you don’t have green fingers or you simply don’t have the time to spend pruning and maintaining the garden you might be tempted to opt for paving the entire space or bringing Synturf synthetic turf to the garden to make it look bright.

Having a look into one of the Plantshed - the best NYC florist in town makes your heart desire to have your own. But what if we told you that you could still have a great garden and enjoy plant life without all the fuss? Well, today we are taking a look at some of the easiest plants to maintain that will allow you to enjoy stunning blooms without the work.

The first plant we want to talk about is the fuchsia. Fuchsia are beautiful plants and have the most delicate bell flowers that display all summer long and through the autumn. These flowers come in many different colour combinations and over the years the shrub can grow considerably to create a beautiful design.

Japanese Anemone 
These flowers have a beautiful pink and white shade with bright yellow in the middle, and this plant is one you will hardly have to touch to gain a beautiful display. Japanese Anemone are hardy and strong, and thy spread by themselves allowing you to leave them to grow year after year.

Coneflowers looks like giant daisies, and the amazing thing about these flowers is that they also come in a range of bright colours. Deep pink flowers are a stunning addition to any simple garden and they bloom all through the summer. Coneflowers are beautiful and easy to maintain, and as an added bonus they also attract wildlife such as bees and butterflies.

If you want a plant that will make a bold statement without lifting a finger, Daylilies are the ideal choice. Daylilies are bright orange and yellow, and during the summer they will bloom and provide your backyard with the most stunning, elegant flowers. They come in a variety of colours for every taste so this means you can mix and match and choose the perfect colour for you.

Cosmos look like stars. These cute flowers will light up and flowerbed and they thrive in all weather conditions and areas of the garden. Cosmos are super easy to grow and in no time you will be able to enjoy a whole myriad of bright colours and pastel tones. 

If you love the look of lavender and want to bring real English charm to your garden, Agastache is the perfect flower to bring into the space. These flowers are aromatic, delicate and bright, and the purple and blue shades will offset green perfectly for an elegant garden design.

One of the things you will want when planning a low maintenance garden is bright colour, and Coreopis offers this in abundance. These little bursts of sunshine are stunning, and they will provide bright yellow, pink, and orange tones for a warm summer feel. They are also perennial meaning they will come back year after year to provide your garden with colour.

Pasque Flower
Pasque flowers may not be as well-known as some of the others on this list but they are worth learning about for a stunning garden. Pasque flowers are bright purple and delicate in feel, and they come from European meadows to provide a cottage feel to your back garden.

If you want to aim for a cottage style garden straight from the cover of an English novel, Yarrow are perfect for your outdoor space. Yarrow is small clusters of delicate white flowers atop long stalks that offer a simple yet timeless display for your back garden. The best thing about this flower is that it is happy growing in almost any condition.

Ornamental Grass
If you plant to create a garden that is simple and oriental in style, you might opt for plants that don’t flower. One easy idea for a stunning garden is ornamental grass, and this comes in many varieties and colours. Grass can come in deep greens, reds and yellows, and this means that you can enjoy stunning colour throughout the entire year without any hard work.

These stunning clusters of flowers are the ideal choice for a low maintenance garden and they will immediately bring those modern millennial tones to the space. With pink and yellow and red flowers, these stunning plants will bring life and beauty to any space with little to no hassle.

We all know those large leaves that appear on pretty much every millennial's’ wallpaper and cushion… well why not have them for real in your garden this year? Hosta's are a stunning range of plants that provide bold, wide leaves, and bloom with small lilies during the spring and early summer. Hosta is big, bold, and easy to look after, and you can enjoy a growing and thriving plant for years to come without the work.

Begonias are a range of plants that vary widely in terms of colour and style. They come in many different colours and sizes, and offer varieties that flower as well as ones that don’t. The flowers of Begonias are beautiful and bright and will make a stunning addition to any garden. The non-flowering varieties can also offer a stunning display with uniquely coloured leaves. Many Begonias display red and green leaves with a waxy surface and a shimmer which is second to none. For unique foliage and a plant that doesn’t need much work, this is the ideal choice for you this year.

If you have a large flowerbed that you want to fill with a no fuss shrub, there is no better choice than a Viburnum. These beautiful evergreen plants stay bright and bold all year long, and during the spring and summer they bloom with large cluster balls of tiny flowers. They are a great choice for attracting bees and butterflies and a brilliant choice for all.

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