Size Very Much Matters (When It Comes to Your Vegetables)

For many of us, growing veg at home seems like a dream. What better way to get organic goodies for affordable prices at a moment’s notice? You may even fantasize about heading out to pick carrots fresh from your patch. Ahh, that’s the life.

Sadly, the garden grower’s reality doesn’t always quite live up to these modest dreams. Too often, vegetable patches fail to provide the fruits (and vegetables) we expect. It’s not unusual for first-time growers to face crops so small they still have to stock up from the supermarket. That alone could undo all the eco-benefits you’re striving towards! Luckily, performance issues tend to be down to a few simple mistakes which are easy to overcome.

This is evidenced by the fact that some home growers manage beastly veg of up to 455kg. There’s no magic secret to tremendous growth, and you could achieve giant vegetables next season too by merely addressing these easy errors.

The Wrong Seeds

Just as small animals have small babies, small plants tend to produce...well...more small plants! If you’re stocking cheap seeds from tiny vegetables, you can expect more of the same. Instead of sourcing cheap seeds from your local market or garden centre, then, it pays to seek the best. Admittedly, seeds bred for size can get pricey. When you consider that you’ll need less to get more, though, this is a no-brainier. Your best bet would be to search for local award-winning veg growers or even ask around to see if you can find some of your very own magic beans.

Trusting in Tap Water

Many of us don’t think twice about using tap water on our veg, but this is another fatal mistake. Admittedly, tap water in some areas can be sufficient, but there are things to look out for. Even with rigorous treatments, tap water can fall to everything from high chlorine levels, to metal content and also excess minerals. And, all of this can stunt vegetable growth, not to mention that it isn’t the best for you. If you want to grow a larger crop next year, then, you may find it far more beneficial to install a slimline water tank in your garden. Without taking too much room, a tank like this will collect a steady supply of rainwater. That will ensure you always have a natural watering option for your plants, providing them with healthier nutrients which could lead to growth spurts. You could even use this tank to set up an irrigation system which ensures your vegetables get a steady flow of water for guaranteed better growth.

Don’t Forget Fertilizer

Don’t forget, either, that quality fertilizer is also essential for growing bigger veg. The more nutrients your vegetables get, after all, the bigger they are liable to be. Your best bet here would be a slow-release fertilizer. These contain all necessary nutrients, and will drip feed them to your plants so that you can sit back and still enjoy a bumper crop next time around.

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