Our Body Is Our Temple, So Why Don't We Ever Worship It?

We only have one and we won’t ever get another. Our body is unique in so many different ways. Our skin is not the exact same as those around us, our nails, hair, membranes, cells and blood are 1 in 7 billion. It's taken millions of years for the human body to form and it's become one of the most complex systems in the entire world. And yet, look at how we abuse it. We drink regularly and sometimes too much. We demand our liver do the heavy lifting for us and our skin has to then keep us cool while toxins are flushed out from our pores. We then don’t take care of our body through healthy dieting. We know we shouldn’t be eating fast food and junk food regularly but we can’t resist and do so anyway. Our body never gets a break, even when we do. Our mind might be in the clouds but our body is going to it's 24-hour shifts every single day. It never stops and yet we don’t seem to realize this. Our body is our temple, where we permanently reside, the only place where truly have the most amount of control possible. It's about time we treated it as such.

Containing Your AU Naturel
What our body does to keep our skin in the best condition possible, is secrete natural oils through our pores. What the oils do is give our skin a protective layer from the elements. Wind, rain and sunshine are things that can harm our skin. Rainwater has a cooling and drying affect as it will provide too much lubricant for our skin and also sap away the natural oils. This creates a fast hydrating affect but then an intense dryness occurs. The wind can slowly evaporate the natural oils on our skin as well as moving them around so there is an uneven spread. The sunshine is perhaps the worst as it takes the oils away in the shortest amount of time.

It's a good idea to limit your natural oils to a trickle so all throughout the day your skin gets a continued supply. Firstly, use a scrub that will clean away the oil and debris and dirt that is trapped in your pores. Next, you need to put on a serum which will temporarily close your pores and prevent too much oil from seeping from your skin. What this does is allow your skin to get an even coating of oil for most of the day. The serum will pace your skin as well as it hydrate it for a short time. The aim for this is to keep spots at bay and moreover acne breakouts.

Longer Life for Elastic Skin
Men and women have different collagen bonds. This is the structure of our skin. Men have tougher, thicker skin which is more rigid and long-lasting. Women have softer skin which allows for better circulation and elasticity. The treatments and care for both types varies greatly even though some products are recommended for both. Why is it important to care for our collagen bonds? If you want to have strong and healthy skin that lasts for a long time without getting wrinkles and sagging, then you must feed your bonds what they need. It's important to recognize that because women’s collagen bonds are simpler structurally speaking simpler, that the elements and poor care has a much larger effect on them compared to men’s skin.

The main cells that make up our collagen bonds are called fibroblasts. These are small translucent white colored cells that are long and stringy in shape. When you’re young you should give these cells the best chance to give your skin longevity. How you can do this is by giving your cells plenty of rich fresh oxygen. If you work in an office, open the window, or when you’re at home make sure you have proper air flow. Make sure you’re exercising regularly so your fibroblast cells get a fresh supply of oxygen-rich red blood cells. Eat plenty of food which are high in vitamins and minerals such as fruit and vegetables. Even if you’re not on holiday it's a good idea to shield your skin from the sun by using sunscreen. You might just be going to work but put a thin layer of sunscreen on your skin so what little sun exposure your skin gets, the collagen bonds are not harmed. By the way you do need sunshine everyday, about 30 minutes a day is the right amount for your daily dose of vitamin D.

Nodding off Early
It cannot be understated how important regularly sleep is. An 8-hour sleeping pattern is something almost nobody has in modern day life. We have so many things going on, so much to do that we don’t get this amount of sleep every single night. However sleep is when our body heals itself the most. It's when our cells, veins, muscles and bones are allowed to be repaired by our body. When we’re awake we’re in a conscious state of mind which prevents some things from triggering. The cells on our skin that have been damaged get replaced or repaired. If you need evidence of this, the next time you have a cut on your hand take a photo of it with your smartphone just before you go to bed. The next morning, take a photo of your scar and compare it to the one you took before. The difference should be visibly noticeable. This kind of fast-healing process cannot happen when we’re awake because our body needs energy for other things.

The simplest way to get the sleep you need is to take a no-nonsense approach to your bedtime. It doesn’t matter what movie is playing or what show you’re trying to catch up on on Amazon Prime or Netflix, go to sleep at a dedicated time. If it's 10pm, don’t march up the stairs at 10:05pm, go right to bed without missing a beat or allowing time for temptation to take hold.

A Whole Lot of Nothing
Everyday life is busier than it's ever been before. Despite the world becoming more technological, we still have to go out and about to run errands. Ask yourself one question. Do you ever put aside time to just do nothing? Not literally nothing, but nothing of importance? Being able to take a stroll through a park at your own leisure without worrying about bills, money and your work, is a real lifesaver. Quite literally, it can help to save your life because a less stressful life lowers blood pressure. Low blood pressure results in healthier arteries and blood vessels, as well as aesthetic benefits like keeping your hair for longer as you age. Book some time off from work and really enjoy your holiday.

Go somewhere where nobody knows your name and who you are. It's advisable you leave your phone at home so you’re not distracted or digitally transported back to the world you left. Sometimes the best thing is to do is just sit outside in your garden for half the day. Do nothing at all. Eventually your thoughts will slow down of its own accord. The stress will gradually melt away and you’ll be in a calmer frame of mind.

Enjoying Your Needs
One of the best stress relievers is having your way with your partner. Who knew that enjoying sexual pleasure would help to calm you down? Well intercourse is nothing to be embarrassed about at all, with 7 billion people now populating the planet, it's pretty much out in the open. Sex however is not something you shoud take lightly, it's a very important part of life in many ways. For example, if you have planned your life out and don’t want to have children just yet, both you and your partner should be using contraception. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just something the man should be doing. Women also have many contraceptive options, such as the diaphragm, the pill, the mini pill, vaginal ring, an implant and the female condom to name a few. 

These options allow you to enjoy intercourse much more regularly than nature might allow without getting pregnant. It's far better to plan children than to have them at a time in your life you wouldn’t be able to mentally, physically or financially take care of them. The added benefits to contraception are that you protect your body for sexually transmitted diseases. This is something that will allow you to enjoy time with your partner, get to know each other’s bodies and not worry about getting pregnant. 

You only have one body. You will never ever be able to get another. It's your temple, the place where you mentally reside also. Without your body you could not live. The body is something we should hold as precious and rare for nobody else’s is like ours. Take the time to relieve stress and calm down. Your blood pressure will lower and your anxiety too.  

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